30 games with children 5 years old at home and on the street

Every mother of a five-year-old often feels the same way as the heroine of the cartoon “Monkeys Go!”. Preschoolers simply have inexhaustible reserves of energy that need to be directed in the right direction. As the well-known song rightly sings, every little child must “run and jump, grab everything, kick with his feet, otherwise he will explode: bang bang – and there is none.” Therefore, we suggest that parents study games with a 5-year-old child – firstly, the baby will be busy with business, and secondly, it is in the process of playing that children develop, learn something new. In addition, joint classes contribute to the creation of close contact between parents and children. Time spent together – the best gift you can give your child.

What games for a child of 5 years to choose? If your kid is active and regularly puts the whole house on his ears, then dance or sports games will come to the rescue. Does your five-year-old like to sing, dance, and put on home theater performances? Here you need fun that will help develop creativity. Assiduous kids who like to think, read, learn, intellectual entertainment is suitable (for example, board games, games in English, psychological games, etc.).

Kidpassage will tell you what games parents should take with children of 5 years old . With our tips, every adult can easily entertain a bored child, teach him something new and just have fun together.

30 games with children 5 years old at home and outdoors

Games with a 5-year-old child at home together

To have fun, you don't need a big company. There are many educational and interesting games for two. It can be a game of a mother with a child of 5 years old or joint activities of two children.

Quiet games for two – these are checkers, chess, "Sea Battle", "Tic-Tac-Toe" and other. However, it is recommended to alternate calm and active games, because children cannot sit still for a long time, they definitely need to move around, throw out excess energy.

1. “Fish, birds, animals”

Props: rubber ball.

This is a game that is very similar to «Edible– inedible”, but in a newer, unhackneyed interpretation. The host throws the ball to the participant and says one word: “fish”, “birds”; or “beasts”. The participant must answer the corresponding name of the representative of the fauna. So, the host says “fish”, the participant answers “pike” and returns the ball.

2. “Sumo Tournament”

Props: two large home t-shirts, jump rope, two pillows, two straps.

This game suitable for two children of about the same age. A rope is made into a circle, and with the help of pillows, straps and T-shirts, children turn into sumo wrestlers. The task of young sumo wrestlers – push the enemy out of the circle.

Interesting games for two at home are easy to come up with on your own: it can be tug of war, basketball with a wastebasket and hand-made balls from A4 sheets, and entertainment with dressing up, and dancing.

Games for 5 year olds at home

30 games for kids aged 5 at home and outside

Parents often have a question about what to do with their child at home. Bad weather outside, holidays at school or quarantine in kindergarten – and now the baby is already bored in the apartment or entertains himself with gadgets. However, as soon as parents turn on their imagination and involve the child in the gameplay, boredom disappears instantly! Sofa cushions and blankets turn into a fairy-tale palace, a mop becomes a knight's sword, and a domestic cat – fire-breathing dragon. After a while, the laundry basket already turns into a basketball basket, and an old T-shirt stuffed with padding polyester, – into a soft ball, safe for mirrors and furniture. What to do at home for a child of 5 years – no problem for creative moms and dads!

3. “Locked border”

Props: blanket, soft toys.

The room needs to be divided into two parts with a blanket – “border”. On one side is a child, on the other – parent. Each participant in the game has the same number of toys. On command, the players must transfer as many of their “projectiles” as possible. on the side of the enemy.

Important: use only soft toys (hollow rubber balls, balloons) to avoid injury, damage furniture and break mirrors in the house.

4. “New life for old items”

Props: a box or bag with various household items.

Various items are put in the box: cubes, a broom, kitchen utensils, pens and pencils. The child pulls out one item at a time and, together with his parents, comes up with how it can be used again. So, a broom can turn into a bouquet if you decorate it with beads and ribbons, and pots make good helmets for motorcycle racing.

Didactic games

 30 games with children aged 5 indoors and outdoors

Didactic or educational games are the main tool for the work of educators in kindergarten and teachers in primary grades, but parents can also use educational games to not only have fun, but also spend time with their children.

As a rule, educational games involve the use of various visual material. These can be story cards, cubes with letters, numbers or image fragments, cards and much more.

5. “Detective and robbers”

One of the participants is assigned as a robber who needs to hide from the detective. The host should come up with some kind of detective story in advance. In order for the robber not to be seen through, he needs to properly disguise himself. The rogue leaves the room and changes something about his appearance, and investigators need to notice and point out these changes. The game perfectly develops imagination, associative thinking and memory.

6. “True-False”

The host calls different facts, some of them are true, some – no. If the children hear the truth, they clap their hands, if the lie – stomp their feet. To make it more interesting, you can come up with facts in a poetic form, for example:

  • Daisies bloom in winter in the garden (not true),
  • The iron will iron your shirts (true),
  • Hares have black fur in winter (false),
  • The lion in Africa is the most cowardly of all ( not true).

Music games

30 games for children aged 5 at home and outside

This category includes two types of entertainment – it's dancing games and singing. Musical games are good because they allow you to reveal the creative abilities of the baby, as well as spend extra energy. Every hyperactive child will appreciate the fun, where you can dance to your heart's content.

7. “Fictitious song”

Props: task cards, backing tracks of various melodies.

Singing – this is a great way to cheer up, especially if you sing funny funny songs of your own composition. The child draws a card on which the task is written (“song of a hungry wolf”, “foreigner who speaks bad Russian”, “sad bells”, etc.). Participant's task – complete the task either to the backing track of a well-known melody, or a cappella, without musical accompaniment.

8. “aram zam zam”

At the start of the game, the parent shows the movements:

  • “aram zam zam” – claps on the knees, three times, with a repetition; – rotation in front of the chest with arms bent at the elbows, clenched into a fist;
  • "arafiq-arafiq" – leaning forward with arms crossed, first from left to right, then from right to left.

When the child remembers the movements, you can move on to the game. The essence of the game – correctly repeat the dance when the song starts. The catch is that the tempo of the melody gets faster each time.

9. “Guess the artist”

Props: a record of songs performed by various cartoon or fairy-tale characters, and cards with images of these performers.

This game is great for developing musical memory in five-year-olds. The rules are quite simple: the parent plays a fragment of a song from the cartoon to the child, and the child must choose an artist card. You can complicate the task and take songs and characters that are not familiar to the young player so that he can guess the artist according to the meaning of the song. For example, include a fragment of the song “Chunga-Changa”, which will correspond to a picture of funny little islanders. You can also listen to the line “And then my girlfriends – leeches and frogs”, and the child must guess that it is Vodyanoy who sings.

Board games

30 games with children aged 5 at home and outside

Properly selected board games may well replace full-fledged developmental activities. “Monopoly” will teach you how to count, «Erudite» (aka Scrabble) – compose and learn new words, «Alies» will pump the acting skills of children. First of all, board games help to improve mathematical skills, because in any game you need to keep track of moves and points earned. Not to mention that it is an excellent training for perseverance, thinking and attention.

Entertaining games in this category can be of different topics: about animals and plants, dinosaurs, fairy-tale worlds, connected with history or literature, etc. It is important to choose exactly the topic that the child is keenly interested in, – then it will be much easier for him to learn the rules and get involved in the gameplay.

Desktops also come with cards, chips, dice, puzzles. The simplest – “walkers” where you need to roll a die and move the chip on the playing field for the number of steps that have fallen out. The most difficult type of board games – these are strategies where you need to calculate your every move and think about what consequences it may have. Five year olds are also very fond of funny games like Twister.

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10. “Puzzles”

Props: pre-prepared puzzle pieces.

You can buy a ready-made puzzle, but it is much more interesting to make it yourself. Parents together with their children can draw a picture on a piece of cardboard, and then cut it into several parts, or approach the task more creatively and apply their own drawing: for example, on several ice cream sticks, pebbles, cotton pads, etc.

< h3>11. "Fleas"

Props: chips, coin.

This is a popular game played by our mothers and fathers, grandparents. On the edge of the chip, the role of which can be played by a small stone, a bean/pea, the player presses with a coin, as a result of which the chip bounces like a flea. The essence of the game is to “jump” as many player's fleas as possible. on the opponent's playing field. The playing field can be made from a box of chocolates, dividing it in the middle with a straight line.

Games for a group of children 5 years old

30 games with children aged 5 at home and on the street

On the playground, in the playroom or on holidays, as a rule, many children gather, which also need to be organized and offered exciting activities. Group games can be sedentary (quizzes, riddles, puzzles) or active (relay races, races). All children will definitely enjoy the exciting quest, which combines the moment of the intellectual game – search for clues and clues, and an element of activity, because, as a rule, you need to run for clues. Five-year-olds love to compete, so you can offer them team games on the score.

12. “Human Knot”

Children hold hands and, at the command of the leader, begin to get confused without disengaging their hands. After the command “Stop” the facilitator must unravel this human knot without tearing the hands of the participants. You can complicate the game and limit the time of unraveling. If the leader does not meet the deadline, then the children unhook their hands and rush in all directions, and the leader must catch one of the participants. Whoever falls into his hands becomes the new leader.

13. “Centipedes”

This is a fun game for a group of kids. Participants line up and hold the one in front by the belt, thus forming a long centipede. At the command of the lead centipede, the centipede must simultaneously perform the following tasks:

  • raise the right paws;
  • raise the left paws;
  • run in a circle;
  • < li>Step back;

  • Catch your tail;
  • Jump forward.

In addition, you can arrange an obstacle course for the centipede or blindfold the “head” – in front of the standing one.

Logic games

30 games with children 5 years old at home and on the street

Games for the development of logical thinking are held in kindergarten and primary grades, parents can take some tasks into service and deal with the child on their own. No kid is born with the ability to think logically, this is an exclusively acquired skill that must be developed from childhood. An association game, a puzzle, a search for correspondences, a quiz will help teachers and parents with this.

14. Trick puzzles

To solve trick puzzles, children need to be attentive and use their imagination. Such tasks also teach that sometimes you need to deviate from the usual algorithm in order to find the right solution.

Questions that can serve as an example of logic problems:

  • What can't be eaten for breakfast? (Lunch or dinner).
  • What is as big as an elephant but weighs nothing? (The shadow of an elephant).
  • The girl dropped her ring into the coffee, but the jewelry remained dry. Why? (Coffee was not a drink, but was in beans or ground.)
  • What does half an apple look like most? (To your soul mate).
  • What invention allows you to see through walls? (Window).

15. “Guess the object”

The host hides a small object in his fist. The child must guess what it is by asking leading questions that can only be answered with “yes”; or “no.” With each correct answer, the host unbends one finger until he opens his entire fist, or the child can simply guess until the end until the answers lead him to a solution. 

Thematic games can be played the same way games and guess, for example, animals, fairy-tale or cartoon characters, etc.

Educational games

30 games with children 5 years old at home and on the street

The main goal of educational games – to teach a child something new, to expand his knowledge about the world around him, to replenish his vocabulary. These can be games about dinosaurs, space, the world around us, seasons and much more.

16. “Orchard”

Props: images of fruit and forest trees, cards with drawings of fruits.

The child needs to find exactly those trees that grow in the garden, and also attach cards of the corresponding fruits to them. When choosing a tree, the child should pronounce its name and explain what helped him to recognize the tree (leaf shape, bark, fruits). Parents should be told how fruit trees differ from forest trees, what fruits can be seen on certain types of trees, and so on.

17. “Professions”

The children need to finish the poems:

The pilot lifts the blue into the sky… (airplane).

The roof is being painted before the children's eyes… (painters).

Every day a newspaper brings us to the house … (postman).

I fly dolls in the morning, I today… (nurse).

The host should talk about each profession, you can ask the child what he knows about it.

Math games

30 games for 5-year-old children indoors and outdoors

Useful mathematical games will strengthen the knowledge of oral and written counting among five-year-olds. Such fun will be an excellent preparation for school.

18. “Missing Number”

Props: cards with numbers from 0 to 9.

The host lines up the numbers in a row, previously hiding one or more. The child's task is simple – find out what numbers are missing in the digital row. You can lay out all the numbers correctly, then ask the child to turn away and remove one card or swap several cards.

19. "Big Construction"

Props: 2–3 toy trucks, bricks, "Lego" and other “building materials”.

Invite your child to play builders. The truck needs to take 12 cubes to the construction site. All of them will not fit into one car, the child needs to find a solution to the problem (use two cars, each of which will have six cubes; also ask the preschooler the question: “And if you take three cars, how many cubes will each of them have?” ;).

In addition, you can perform various “construction” tasks with Lego. For example, build a tower of seven blue and three red blocks, then add three green blocks and subtract one blue, etc.

Christmas games

30 games for children aged 5 at home and outside

New Year – favorite holiday of all children. Every year, kids look forward to decorating a beautiful Christmas tree, hanging an advent calendar on the wall and counting down the days until Santa Claus arrives. But it is the parents, and not the fabulous red-nosed Grandfather, who give children a magical holiday. To make the New Year fun and memorable, you should carefully choose options for entertainment. It is recommended to alternate active fun and games at the table, dance competitions and quizzes.

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20. “Dress up the Christmas tree”

Props: a bag, holiday paraphernalia, clothing elements, funny accessories.

For this game, you can split into two teams, then there will be two “Christmas trees” that you need to dress up. One participant from each team is assigned a “Christmas tree”, all the other players take turns blindly taking one item out of the bag and dress up their “New Year's beauty”.

21. “Bring a snowball”

Props: cotton snowballs, spoons.

Guests are divided into two teams and lined up. Each first participant takes a spoon in his teeth, on which he puts a “snowball”. The task of the player – run to the Christmas tree and back as quickly as possible without dropping your burden, and pass the baton to the next participant.

Speech therapy games

30 games with children 5 years old at home and on the street

“No detectives. No snickers, but short and clear: fifties! – a phrase from the work of V. Dragunsky “Deniskin's story”, which became an aphoristic joke. But in every joke, as you know, there is a fair amount of truth. Indeed, many preschool children have difficulty pronouncing certain letters, and in fact, beautiful clear speech is of great importance in adulthood. Parents can help their child practice pronunciation, but turn speech therapy exercises into an exciting pastime.

22. “Guess what it sounds”

Phonemic games help preschoolers to distinguish sounds by ear and, as a result, pronounce them more correctly. In addition, correct phonetic perception affects the level of understanding of what was said.

The easiest version of the phonemic game – choose several objects that make sounds (squeaker toy, tambourine, pot lids, etc.). The child closes his eyes, and the parent uses one of these objects, after which the child must guess it.

23. “Feed the kids”

Props: a picture of the faces of a boy and a girl with slits for the mouth, cards with images of products and other items.

Word games, as a rule, are aimed specifically at the development and correction of speech. The game “Feed the kids” also develops thinking. There are several options:

  • The host calls the letter, and the child must “feed” drawn boy and girl with products that begin with her (for example, the letter “P”, products: fish, rice, radish).
  • The host says: “Feed Masha with bakery products, and Misha – meat products. The child chooses products and at the same time says: “Masha ate a sandwich, and Misha ate a barbecue.”

hearing to determine which of the named products are among the cards issued to him.

24. “Naughty doll”

The game is aimed at the development of speech, gives children an understanding of what antonyms and synonyms are. The host invites the children to play with a capricious doll, which does everything the other way around, and even teases. The host says: “Doll, go to sleep, it’s already night outside the window!”, And the child answers for the doll: “No, outside the window” day!"; presenter: “Cover up, otherwise it's cold”, doll: “No, it's hot now!”

Attention games

30 games with children 5 years old at home and on the street

Games like Spot the Differences, tasks where you need to remember the location of cards, are excellent for developing attention, search for errors and inconsistencies.

25. «Strange Beasts»

The host reads the story, the children listen carefully. As soon as the child notices inaccuracies in the narration, he immediately claps his hands.

An example of a story:

Once in a hot winter, a hare with a long fluffy tail and short ears decided to equip himself with a hibernation lair. He began to dig a deep hole and frightened off a fox, which was just nesting in a tree. Suddenly, a blue wolf jumped out at the hare, but the hare was not at a loss and decided to swallow it, then he grunted in fright and disappeared into the forest thicket. Then the hare picked up spruce branches so that he could sleep softly on them in the den. And around – beauty: flowers bloom, butterflies fly, berries ripen, in a word – winter!

26. “Repeat Route”

The child is blindfolded and guided along a simple route. Participant's task – repeat this path as accurately as possible. The facilitator can give verbal prompts: “Three steps forward, turn right, four steps forward, turn left, etc.” In the future, the exercise is complicated by additional actions or obstacles. “Three steps forward, now step over the obstacle. One small step back, turn around and take two steps forward. You can also give deceptive hints – for example, the host says “Turn right” even though there were no turns on the route to be repeated. The child should not fall for this trap.

Role-playing games

30 games with children 5 years old at home and outside

Story games are of great importance in the development of five-year-olds, because it is through the game that children learn to interact in society. “Daughters-Mothers” shows the traditional model of the family, the hospital game illustrates the relationship between the patient and the doctor, teaches the rules of behavior in the clinic, and the kindergarten game can tell parents a lot about what happens to the child in the kindergarten group.

What theatrical games can be offered to a five-year-old? Lots of options!

27. “Bunny's Birthday”

Props: toys, dishes (toy or disposable).

Invite the child to imagine that Bunny (or another toy) has a birthday today. He invited his friends, and now Bunny needs to set a table for them. Guests also need to follow the rules of etiquette during the feast and prepare a gift and congratulations for Bunny.

During this game, preschoolers will learn the rules of politeness, learn how to behave at a party and set the table, as well as expand their vocabulary (“name day”, “serving”, “service”, “meal” and others).< /p>

28. «Flight into space»

Props: illustrations of our planet from space, other planets and celestial bodies.

Almost every preschooler will be happy with the idea of ​​going on a space trip. But to become an astronaut, you need to pass a medical examination, pass sports standards and learn a lot of important points (what is gravity, how astronauts eat, etc.). During the “space flight” the parent or leader talks about the planets, celestial bodies, galaxies. It will be even more interesting if the astronauts meet with aliens, – invite the child to make contact with the inhabitants of Mars or Venus and tell them about the Earth.

Games for children 5 years old

30 games with children 5 years old at home and on the street

Each parent needs to know not only what to play at home with a child of 5 years old, but also how to play your child on the street. It is not enough just to bring the kids to the playground and leave them to themselves, you need to offer them examples of children's games, tell the rules and maybe even take part in children's fun.

Some children's games at 5 years old are considered timeless classics and never go out of style. You can offer children entertainment from your childhood: “Classics”, “Rubber”, “Bouncer”, “Hide and Seek”, “Cossacks-robbers” and others. And you can also learn something new, parents are advised not to limit themselves to options from the past, but to regularly look for original ideas for games with a child of 5 years old.

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29. Owl Flight

Parent/Leader – «owl», child/children – “mice”. When the host says “Day”, the mice run and frolic, but as soon as the command “Night” sounds, everyone should freeze in random poses. At night, an owl goes hunting, the task of mice is – do not move or make any sound. To make the game more interesting, the owl can try to make the frozen mice laugh.

30. «Museum of Wildlife»

Props: cards with the inscriptions “Grass”, “Earth”, “Tree” etc.

Invite your child to create a wildlife museum and prepare interesting exhibits for this. The search for exhibits will be an exciting activity, during which the parent will tell the child a lot of interesting things about the world around them. When the exhibits are found, they need to be placed in the museum and put next to the corresponding – this activity is especially useful for five-year-olds, because children usually learn to read at this age.

Tips for parents: words should be written in large block letters. You can also write them in certain colors: “Grass”; – green, “Bump” – brown, “Sand” – yellow, etc.

It's hard to think of a more natural activity for a child than play. It is through the game that the child develops, learns the world around him and learns to interact with it, reveals his creative abilities. In addition, joint games with a 5-year-old child help create a warm, friendly atmosphere in the family.

The time that was spent playing with a child, – This is a huge contribution to the development of the baby. If you want to be a friend to your child and gain his boundless trust, then do not underestimate the value of joint games. For more ideas, check out KidPassage's article Playing with Kids at Home: 42 Fun Ideas. Have an interesting and exciting pastime!


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