33 games with children 6 years old at home and on the street

At the age of six, many children enter first grade or prepare for this major milestone in their lives. However, despite the fact that kindergarten is a thing of the past, six-year-olds still remain children, and the game remains the dominant activity for them.

Games with a child of 6 years old can be aimed at developing thinking, attention, imagination, cognitive abilities or physical data (dexterity, endurance, coordination of movements). Games in English, outdoor fun, psychological games, in a group or together – There are many options for parents and educators. Game – it is a wonderful method of learning and development, used both at home and at school.

Modern children are increasingly choosing gadgets, rather than real communication. The task of parents – to take away a tablet from your child and play games with him, for a child of 6 years, such a joint pastime is extremely important: a six-year-old feels that he is loved, interested in him, parents delve into his problems and want to spend time with him. Parents themselves during the game can learn a lot about their baby, his thoughts and experiences. In addition, it is much easier to teach a child something new by presenting information in a playful way, rather than forcing cramming.

33 games with children 6 years old at home and on street

Games with a child of 6 years old at home together

Stayed at home with a child in quarantine or during school holidays and do not know what to do? Offer him interesting games that you can play together. As a rule, home games do not require special training and special equipment – props are ordinary household items and toys.

1. "Pizzaiolo"

Props: two cardboard round blanks for future pizza, colored pencils, scissors, colored paper or an album.

Parent and child will compete to see who can cook pizza the fastest. First you need to prepare the “ingredients”. On a sheet of paper we draw cheese, sausage, tomatoes and other products that you want to add to your dish. You can cut them out of colored paper. All ingredients are drawn and cut out in duplicate, there should be an equal number of them.

Blanks for future pizzas are placed on two stools, and all the ingredients are laid out in the far corner or even in another room. On a signal, the game begins: the participants run to the ingredients, take one part, come back, put it on the pizza – and so on until it is ready. The winner is the one who finishes his dish the fastest.

Today, in stores you can find a ready-made toy pizza set, where the products are molded onto a felt blank using Velcro. You can also cook not pizza, but, for example, a cake or soup.

2. “Doll”

A very fun game that will make any bug laugh. Child – it's a deflated doll. He, completely relaxed, sits on a chair, his arms hang down along his torso. Parent – pump – puts a finger of one hand to the doll, and the second – to his mouth, and begins to inflate the doll. You can make the corresponding sound “psh-psh-psh” at the same time. At the same time, the child begins to “puff up”. Suddenly the pump is disconnected – and the doll deflates again, and maybe even starts to “fly”; around the apartment, like a deflating balloon… It is simply impossible to keep from laughing! In addition, this game teaches the child to feel his body, relax and strain its individual parts.

3. «When I was…»

The residents of apartments cannot always afford to run around and make noise, as they will interfere with their neighbors. In this case, quiet games will come to the rescue. This entertainment perfectly develops imagination and fantasy. Invite the child to continue your phrases:

  • when i was small like an ant…
  • when i was lithe like an acrobat…
  • when i was furry like a bear…
  • when i was hungry like a pack of wolves…

In this way, together with a child, you can come up with a whole fairy tale story, write it down and supplement it with jointly created illustrations.

Games for children 6 years old at home

33 games for children 6 years old at home and on the street

What to do at home with a child of 6 years old at home? For those who prefer quiet games, you can play Cities, Sea Battle, Tic-Tac-Toe. or do applique, plasticine modeling, drawing. If the living space allows, then outdoor games are also available, such as pillow fights or soft ball football. So, what to play at home with a child of 6 years old?

4. “Mirror”

The child plays the role of a mirror and must exactly repeat all the movements of the leader. The task of the presenter – force your “reflection” laugh. If the facilitator manages to make the child laugh, then the players change roles.

5. Steeplechase

Props: Obstacles, long ribbon.

There are obstacles on the running route. Some need to run around, some – jump over, and under some – crawl. Obstacles can be ordinary toys and chairs. Particularly creative parents can comment on the route: “Be careful! There is fiery lava on the right, don’t fall into the very mouth of the volcano!”, “A stone grotto is right on the course, you need to crawl under the stalactites, but do it slowly and carefully so that there is no collapse,” “A swamp appeared ahead, overcome it , jumping over bumps! etc. The tape is needed in order to mark the finish, as they do in sports marathons.

Didactic games

33 games with children 6 years old at home and on the street

Development games should be used not only in schools, but also at home, because at the age of six children absorb new material like a sponge. This is the best age for cognitive development and learning.

6. “What's wrong?”

A game that develops attentiveness, logical thinking, memory and auditory perception. The rules are quite simple: the facilitator reads the poem twice, and then the children must remember what is wrong in it:

  • Is it true or not that snow is black as soot,
  • Sugar – bitter, coal – white, but a coward, like a hare, dared?
  • That cancer can fly, and a bear – dance the master?
  • That pears grow on willows, that whales live on land,
  • That mowers cut down pines from dawn to dusk?
  • Well, squirrels love bumps, and lazy people love work,
  • Don't girls and boys take cakes in their mouths?

7. «What will I put in my briefcase»

Props: briefcase, various things, some of which relate to the educational process, and some – no.

From the laid out items, the child needs to choose which ones are needed for schooling, and which – no. School supplies need to be sent to a backpack and at the same time tell what the student will do with this or that thing.

You can play similar educational games, but on the theme of a hospital, hike, vacation on the sea, uninhabited island. Such games bring up accuracy, organization, develop thinking.

Music games

33 indoor and outdoor games for 6 year olds

What six year old doesn't like to sing and dance? In particular, any hyperactive child will be delighted with musical games, because this is a great opportunity to throw out all their energy and show their creative abilities.

8. “Who is singing this?”

Props: recording of songs from cartoons and children's fairy tales.

Classic quiz. It is desirable that there are several participants or two teams, – six-year-olds love the spirit of competition and are enthusiastic about any competition. The host turns on the song, the children need to guess the artist. For each correct answer, the participant or his team receives a chip. The team with the most correct answers wins.

9. “Improvisation”

Almost all dance games have the same goals – charge with positivity and warm up. This fun game is no exception. The host turns on a catchy melody for the children and gives tasks – dance like kittens, penguins, kangaroos, caterpillars, bears, etc.

Board games

33 games with children 6 years old at home and outside

Many families simply love entertaining board games, because behind Monopoly; or “Erudite” You can spend more than one hour, or even the whole evening. During the game, the child learns to interact with other participants, as well as to perceive defeat correctly. In addition, board games develop tactile and visual perception.

You can buy a ready-made board game – today in stores there is a huge assortment of such goods, or you can make it yourself by drawing a playing field on a drawing paper.

10. “Secrets and riddles” hellip; (substitute the name of either your city or a fictitious country)

Props: whatman paper, colored pencils and felt-tip pens, scissors, chips, a cube.

On the drawing paper you need to draw a playing field. There may be a separate place for your apartment, kindergarten or school, playground, shops – in general, all places familiar to the child, which he often visits. Tasks are assigned for each location. For example, a player throws a dice and gets to the “School” field, then he needs to solve an example, read a poem, etc. If he got to the “Sports Ground”, then the tasks will correspond to &ndash do five sit-ups or push-ups.

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11. “Magic ball”

Props: box, cocktail straws, small ball, felt-tip pens.

In the box, draw a labyrinth with a simple pencil, after which we give it volume with the help of plastic tubes – just glue the straws on top along the drawn contour. At the finish line, draw a princess to save – deliver the magic ball (our little ball) to her as quickly as possible. We set the ball at the start, after which we try to direct it to the finish line through the maze by tilting the box in different directions.

Games for a group of children aged 6

33 indoor and outdoor games for 6 year olds

Group games are extremely important for the formation of a child's personality. Moreover, they help to organize leisure. If a group of six-year-olds is not offered a game, if their activity is not directed in a certain direction, then small active naughty ones may well cause chaos. Collective games can be of an intellectual or sports orientation, children really like relay races, and recently the quest has been very popular.

12. “Homeless Hare”

A hare and a hunter are selected. All other players – also hares – draw a circle for themselves, which is considered their house. On a signal, the hunter starts chasing the hare, the hare can hide in one of the “houses”, but then the owner of this circle must go out and act as a new target for the hunter. Thus, several hares can change. If a hunter grabs a hare, then the latter becomes a hunter himself.

13. “Feet off the ground” (floor – is lava)

The leader and water are selected. All other players on the command “Feet off the ground!” should jump to some kind of elevation. Those who remained on the ground run away from the water. The caught player is out of the game. The game continues until one player remains.  

Logic games

33 games for children 6 years old at home and outside

Games for the development of logical thinking, as a rule, are calm, not mobile. Many elementary school students even have a special subject “Logic”, where they solve problems, play associations, solve logic puzzles and riddles, and participate in thematic quizzes.

14. “Guess whose house”

Props: toys or images of a hare, a fox and a bear, three houses of different colors, sizes and with certain distinctive features.

The host reads tasks to the children that will help determine which of the animals lives in which house:

"The house of the hare is neither yellow nor blue, but the house of the bear– not blue and not white. What color are the houses of the animals?».

“Every winter, the bear prepared firewood. Every spring, the fox picked beautiful wildflowers. Every summer the hare prepared food supplies. Find animal houses with these clues. (a bear has a house with a chimney, a fox has a vase with a bouquet on the window, and a hare has a garden in front of the porch).

15. “Spread the birds into nests”

Props: images of birds and three nests (painted or toy).

Child's task – to settle the birds in a certain way. Birds are domestic, wild and migratory. Ask to move all poultry to one nest, to another – all birds with white plumage, in the third – waterfowl, etc. What birds were left without a house? Which bird could live in two nests at once?

Educational games

33 games with children 6 years old at home and outside< /p>

Six-year-olds have just begun to get out of the age of why children, so they continue to bombard their parents with questions about the world around them. Preschoolers and first-graders are interested in literally everything: from natural phenomena to the animal world. Children 6 years old will love games about dinosaurs, space, the world around them, seasons, ocean inhabitants and more.

16. “Archimedes”

As you know, Archimedes exclaimed “Eureka!” when he was able to solve an extremely difficult problem. Invite the child to also solve some riddle that humanity has been struggling with for a long time. For example, “Why did the dinosaurs become extinct and how could this be avoided?”, “Why do people live only on Earth? What needs to be done to populate other planets?”, “How to recognize an alien?”, “How to make an elephant out of a fly?”, “How to learn the language of animals?” and others.

The facilitator asks similar questions, and as soon as one of the participants comes up with an answer, he shouts “Eureka!” – and answers.

17. “Seasons”

Props: a playing field divided into four sectors according to the seasons, cards with images of characteristic phenomena (flowers, snow, green meadow, yellow leaves, etc.), separate cards for each season.

The game can take place in several stages. For example, children are required to divide the cards into the appropriate sectors and explain why they made this choice. Next, the host calls the month, the child raises the card of the season to which the named month belongs. You can also include sounds specific to each season (wind noise, Christmas motifs, spring drops, buzzing insects).

Math games

Games are not only fun and entertaining, but also useful. So, mathematical tasks are extremely important for first-graders, as they help to better master school material, learn to count within a hundred, and perform simple addition and subtraction operations.

18. “Postman”

Props: three houses or mailboxes, each of which has its own number, letters (an example is indicated on each letter).

The child will try himself in the role of a postman who needs to deliver letters to recipients. But in order to find out in which mailbox the letter should be dropped, the postman will need to solve examples. For example, 5 + 2 = 7, which means you should choose box or house number 7.

19. “Count and cross out”

Props: cards, pen.

The child receives cards with drawings: a tree with three apples, a clearing with four flowers, an aquarium with one fish, etc. The host reads out the tasks: “There are two apples on the tree, take one away,” “There is one fish in the aquarium, add two more.” ;. The child should also be explained why the number of indicated items could have changed: an apple could have fallen or been picked, two fish could have been bought at a pet store.

Christmas games

Despite the fact that many six year olds already go to school, they still continue to be little children who believe in magic and with all their hearts they are waiting for a miracle, for example, the visit of Santa Claus on New Year's Eve.

Eve of the New Year – This is the time for matinees and entertainment. Parents, educators and teachers need to know a few games and competitions to give children real fun and charge the children with a good mood.

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20. «Lost Nose»

Props: drawing paper with a picture of a snowman, a carrot nose cut out of cardboard, orange plasticine, push pins or glue.

The host says that the Snowman came to the holiday, but he got ready so quickly that he forgot his nose at home. The task of the guys – clean up the guest. The child is blindfolded, and he must blindly attach the nose to the drawn snowman (or glue/pin it with a paper button, or mold it from plasticine). You can complicate the task and draw a snowman without other elements inherent in him (bucket on his head, arms, branches, scarf, etc.).

21. Snow Storm

Props: cotton ball, “rain”.

This entertainment can be classified as “games at the table”, as it does not require special activity. Children are divided into two teams (you can play together). The table is divided by “rain” or any other “border” into two equal parts. A snowball made of cotton wool is placed in the middle. On command, both participants begin to blow on the snowball, each from their own side. The task of the player – throw the snowball to the opponent's side.

22. “Race in bags”

Props: two big Christmas bags.

A classic relay race in which two teams compete. Children are built in two lines. The first participants are given bags where they need to climb with their feet. Child's task – jump to the finish line and back as quickly as possible and pass the baton to the next player. As usual, the team that finished the relay first wins.

Speech therapy games

33 games with children of 6 years old at home and on the street

Not all six-year-olds can boast of clear speech. At this age, many children still do not pronounce some sounds: in one case, missing milk teeth are to blame, in another – anatomical problems, in the third – psychological features. Whatever the reason, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

Firstly, beautiful clear speech – person's business card. Agree, it is always a pleasure to listen to professional speakers and announcers with a well-trained voice. Secondly, classmates can make fun of the child's speech defects, which in the future is fraught with complexes. Thirdly, speech is directly related to thinking: the more correctly a child speaks, the easier it is for him to form his thoughts, draw logical conclusions, with a poor vocabulary, it is difficult for a child to formulate his thoughts into words.

If speech problems are obvious and serious, then, of course, you need to contact a speech therapist. But parents can correct minor defects on their own, with the help of simple speech therapy games.

23. “Guess what's in the bag”

Props: a bag, many small toys, such as Kinder, and small items.

Word games can be aimed not only at correction, but also at the development of speech. This fun is one of those. The child puts his hand into the bag, gropes for one object and tries to describe it as accurately as possible. There are two options: either the parent/second player guesses, or the child himself. This game is also good because it develops fine motor skills.

24. “Stomp-clap”

Phonemic games are aimed at the development of sound perception and analysis of oral speech. The game “Stomp-clap” teaches children to recognize certain sounds while speaking. The facilitator sets a sound or syllable, after which he begins to read a poem or story. The child should stomp every time he hears the desired sound or syllable. In this way, you can also learn the pairs “deaf and voiced”, “hard and soft”. For example, clap on a dull sound, stomp – into voiced, etc.

25. “A lot of words”

Props: plot pictures (for example, a forest landscape, a farm, a city, etc.).

The facilitator shows the child a picture and offers to find as many objects on it as possible for a given letter or think of what objects and animals can be here.

First, the children name objects that begin with a given letter, then – words where the specified letter is in the middle of the word, and at the end you need to come up with words with a hidden letter at the end.

The third stage of the game is that the host removes the picture and asks the child to repeat as many of the named words as possible memory.

Attention games

33 games with children 6 years old at home and on the street

Games for attention are necessarily present in the pedagogical activity of both educators in kindergarten and teachers in elementary and high school. And all because it is the ability to concentrate that helps the child to understand a huge amount of information, to analyze the world around him.

26. “Keep all the letters”

Props: pre-prepared cards with made-up words, a notebook, a pen.

A good exercise for developing attention is copying from sample. So, the child receives one card with made-up words written on it. There are several card options:


Child needs to rewrite words exactly without missing any letters.

The second version of the game is that the child is given two or three cards. The host reads out a fairy tale in which these words appear, but not all, but only some. In addition, the fairy tale may contain fictitious words that are not on the cards. Child's task – every time a word is heard from the card, cross it out. At the end, the facilitator and the child check whether all the named words have been crossed out.

Example with cards 1 and 2:

In a distant kingdom there lived a princess named SLASELLA. She was an unearthly beauty girl, smart, benevolent, ready to give everyone her radiant smile. Once her father, King PREMARP, wanted to marry the girl, but who will be awarded such a diamond, how to find a worthy groom? Then the king came up with and said – whoever defeats the evil monster KUSURU, who lives in the dark forest, will marry the princess. Many guys wanted to marry a beautiful princess, but everyone was afraid of a terrible forest monster. For three days PREMARAP waited for the suitors, but no one came. And on the fourth day he heard the sound of hooves outside the window.

– It is I, the glorious knight DASSEKE! And this is my war horse IKOSSIR! – shouted a handsome young man in iron armor. – And this is – the head of KUSURA, for which the princess is promised!

Checking: the words SELASSA and CORRIX should remain uncrossed out on the cards.

27. Spot the Difference

Requisites: cards with pictures on which you need to find the differences.

There are many varieties of this game, but they all have the same essence &ndash ; The child is shown two pictures that at first glance seem to be the same. However, they do have some differences. The child needs to find and mark the missing details.

The cards may not contain pictures, but symbols and geometric shapes, words and numbers are written.

28. “What has changed”

Props: a toy, various accessories.

The child is offered to carefully examine the toy, after which he is asked to close his eyes or turn away. The host changes something in the toy (puts on a hat or ties a scarf on it, clings to a badge or hairpin, changes the position of the limbs, etc.). The child should say what has changed.

Role play

33 indoor and outdoor games for 6 year olds

Story games are extremely important for the formation of the personality of a preschooler. During role-playing games, the child expands knowledge about the professional activities of adults, interpersonal relationships in society, learns to communicate, resolve conflict situations, evaluate certain actions. Theatrical games are very popular with children of primary school age. Let the child choose what to play: daughters-mothers, kindergarten, shop or hospital.

29. “Hiking”

Props: backpack, blanket, tent, flashlight and other hiking attributes.

Invite your child to go on a real hike. You can play both on the street (in the park and even on the playground), and in the apartment. This game will perfectly show and tell the child how to navigate in the forest, make a fire, cook food on a fire and other camping tricks. While playing, you can also teach your child chants and chants.

Here are a few of these chants that children enjoy:

– Who walks with a backpack?
– We – tourists!
– Who doesn't know boredom?
– We – tourists!
– Roads lead us forward!
Our motto: – Always forward!
– Hey guys, step harder! What does a tourist take on the road?
– A song, a spoon and a backpack!
– Who is behind?
– Keep up!
– Who's tired?
– Cheer up!
– Who wants to go with us – sing our song!

«On the shore»
On the shore
Big river

The bee is right in the nose of the bear,
The bear roared,
He sat on the bee
And started to sing:…
And I was bitten by a hippopotamus!
And out of fear I climbed onto a branch!
And I'm sitting here, and my legs are there!
And I was bitten by a hippopotamus!

30. “Construction”

Props: toys, “building materials” (lego, magnetic construction sets and other parts), construction vehicles (trucks, excavators, cranes).

At the beginning of the game, you need to decide which of the toys will be the foreman, who will be the customer, and who will be the builders. During the game, it is important not only to build a house/shop/tower or other structure, but also to create various conflict situations. For example, a lazy builder does not want to work and lets the whole team down, while others need to somehow persuade him to get down to business.

31. “Superhero”

Invite your child to choose an image of a superhero. It can be Batman, Spiderman or any other famous hero, but it will be much more interesting to come up with a superhero yourself. The host, parent, or other participant acts as the villain. The situation is simulated: for example, a villain wants to blow up a city, he has even hidden bombs in public places, but a superhero must stop him and save civilians.

Games for children 6 years old on the street

33 indoor and outdoor games for 6 year olds

On the street, as a rule, children throw out their energy, run, jump, climb stairs. Children's games at 6 years old – active and cheerful. But the task of such games – not only to have fun and stretch, but also to develop endurance, dexterity and coordination of the child's movements.

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32. “Predators and herbivores”

The predator is selected. A large circle is drawn. The predator catches herbivores in turn, the caught players are placed in a drawn circle. The player can only leave the circle if a free herbivore touches it. That is, the task of the predator – not only catch all herbivores, but also keep them away from the circle. 

33. «Slow down – you will continue»

All players line up at the start. At the finish line is the leader. When the presenter begins to say the phrase «Slow down – you will continue, “the players take off and try to run to the finish line while the words are sounding. As soon as the host stops, all players should freeze. Whoever moves is out of the game. The winner is the one who runs to the start.

Vasily Sukhomlinsky wrote that “children should live in a world of beauty, games, fairy tales, music, drawing, fantasy, creativity”, so let's give them this world! Kidpassage hopes that these examples of children's games will help you diversify your joint leisure time with your six-year-old. You will find even more interesting things in our article “No boredom on the weekend: 20 ideas for things to do with your child.”


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