5-star hotels in Antalya have found a replacement for the Russians in the “resource” markets

It's time to use the reserve tourist markets to their full potential, the five-star hotels of Turkey thought and focused on attracting tourists from non-traditional countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. In the absence of Russians, the mass British market has also come to the aid of Turkish tourism.

According to Turkish tourism media, the change in the vector of tourism became known during the three-day Best Workshop Turkey 2022 in Antalya, organized by the luxurious Granada Hotel in Belek. The event brought together representatives of five-star hotels in the resort region, agencies from the CIS countries and Russia.

According to Marketing Director of Granada Hotels Barysh Kekkay, the conference will make an extremely positive contribution to the promotion of the main resort center of the country – Antalya, and for this, “resource” sources of vacationers will be involved: “Our resource markets have been very lively in recent years. Especially the markets of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are guests who often choose our region. We want to strengthen our advertising campaign in these markets.”

The country is currently making serious efforts to weather the effects of the pandemic. The first fruits of labor are already visible: there is an increase in tourists, especially in European regions. Great Britain has become the main supplier of vacationers. “The British market is developing very well and fast. Last year we had problems with delayed flights from the CIS countries due to the pandemic, but this year flights have started and we see a lot of demand. There are especially many bookings for May,” he noted.

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