5 Surprising Spanish Laws Published That Tourists Can Easily Break on Vacation

5 amazing Spanish laws published that tourists can easily break on vacation

British and German tourists, ready to once again rush to “hang out” to Spanish resorts, which have lifted almost all “covid” restrictions, were reminded that in 2020-2021, while the Europeans “stayed at home”, several laws were adopted in the country that can facilitate wallet of the “forgetful” tourist. And we are talking about things that are quite likely on vacation – from smoking on the beaches to walking in swimsuits in public places.

So, the British The Sun gives these five laws to its tourists, urging “not to accidentally violate them, while you are on vacation.”

  1. Smoking on beaches: Spain passed a new law in 2021 that gives local municipalities the right to fine tourists who smoke on the beach. In Barcelona and the Canary Islands, it has been active before, and now it can be introduced throughout the country. Tourists are advised to check ahead of time whether smoking is prohibited on the beach where they plan to relax. Because if a given municipality passed a prohibition law, a caught smoker risks a fine of up to 1,700 pounds (more than €2,000)
  2. Alcohol laws. The antics of drunken Britons have already killed Spanish resorts before Covid, and taking advantage of the pandemic, many resorts introduced new alcohol laws as early as 2020. This applies to the Balearic Islands – i.e. Ibiza and Mallorca. For example, in all-inclusive hotels in the resorts of Magaluf, San Antonio and Playa de Palma, tourists will not be served more than six alcoholic drinks per day. Shops have banned the sale of alcohol between 9:30 pm and 8:00 am. Happy hours, two-for-one drinks in pubs are also banned. Locals are also at risk – anyone who advertises cruises with unlimited alcohol – the so-called party boats – can be fined up to 50 thousand pounds sterling (about €60 thousand)
  3. Walking in swimsuits: for a fine tourists who do not want to change clothes after the beaches and walk along the streets of cities in bathing suits and swimming trunks can also run into. In Barcelona, ​​”spree” in a bikini in the city center can be fined up to 260 pounds (over € 300), in Mallorca, such fun is even more expensive – up to 500 pounds.
  4. “Balconing” – a typical entertainment for drunken British tourists – jumping from the balcony into the pool below and other “acrobatics” on the balconies of hotels – which, by the way, at least 30 British tourists laid their heads on – was also banned back in pre-Covid times. Tourists were once again warned that everyone caught on such entertainment would pay from 620 to 1250 pounds (from €735). Unless he breaks his neck, of course.
  5. Surprised, oddly enough, and “peaceful” beach games. Paddle tennis, a game of bat and ball, a classic beach pastime, has been banned on the beaches of Malaga. A fine of up to £660 can “fly” for her. Why he did not please the Spaniards is not very clear.

Recall that the Spanish islands have already removed all covid restrictions for tourists. The rest of Spain should soon follow suit. Read the details at the link.

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