89% of the aircraft fleet of Russian airlines were registered in the Russian register

Head of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Savelyev said that Russian airlines have registered 89% of the entire aircraft fleet in the Russian register.

89% of the fleet of Russian airlines registered in the Russian registry

The process of registering aircraft in the Russian registry is currently ongoing. As of April 25, 1,140 out of 1,288 aircraft that are operated in Russia have been registered. Most of the airliners are foreign-made: first of all, these are Boeing and Airbus. Prior to the imposition of sanctions against Russia, almost all of these aircraft were registered abroad, in particular in Bermuda.

“In the civil aviation authority of Bermuda, where many Russian aircraft were previously registered, there are only 11 employees dealt with issues of maintaining airworthiness. We have a sufficient number of organizations and qualified specialists capable of maintaining the airworthiness of the entire fleet of aircraft and ensuring a high level of flight safety,”, Interfax quotes Vitaly Savelyev as saying.


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