A blow has been dealt to Russian tourists: a country beloved by Russians on the warm sea has stopped issuing visas to them

Russian tourists dealt a blow: Russia's favorite country on the warm sea has stopped issuing visas to them

Bulgarian the diplomatic mission in Russia for an indefinite period suspended the acceptance of documents for tourist visas and visas for property owners from Russians: the dismissed Petkov government took such an aggressive step after the response of the Russian Foreign Ministry to the expulsion of 70 employees of the Russian embassy from Sofia – for this Moscow on Friday, August 5, declared 14 Bulgarian diplomats persona non grata.

As ATOR reports with reference to Russian tour operators specializing in the Bulgarian direction, the Bulgarian Consulate in Moscow informed them of the temporary suspension of the acceptance of documents for visas “in view of the current emergency situation.”

However, as the tour operators add, for a trip to A valid multiple-entry Schengen visa or a multiple-entry national visa of Croatia, Romania or Cyprus is quite suitable for Bulgaria: with it, property owners in Bulgaria will be able to visit their property.

It should be noted that despite the absence of direct flights between Russia and Bulgaria, the number of Russian tourists in this country has recently increased dramatically and continues to grow: more than 33 thousand Russian tourists “sneaked” into Bulgaria this year. “The increase in the number of Russian tourists who visited Bulgaria in the first five months of this year compared to the same period in 2021 is 3.9 times. In total, in January-May 2022, 33,584 visits by Russian tourists were recorded,” the acting director said. Minister of Tourism of the recently disbanded government of the country Hristo Prodanov. A significant part of them, according to the ex-minister, are the owners of real estate in Bulgaria, however, the “package” tourist business has not been curtailed, he assured. “None of the Russian tour operators have announced their intention to close Bulgaria as a tourist destination, all are ready to continue their work and adapt to new conditions,” Mr. Prodanov added. Now, obviously, the Russian tourist flow to Bulgaria will be multiplied by zero…

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