A deafening boom in tours began in Europe: 77% of the population were going to go on vacation

A deafening boom in tours began in Europe: 77% of the population were going to go on vacation

The protracted coronavirus pandemic, which gradually gave way to a geopolitical conflict, no longer will deter tourists from traveling and staying at home: more than 2/3 of the Europeans surveyed are ready to go on vacation, despite external circumstances and falling vacation costs. Such deafening data on tours was presented by the European Tourism Commission (ETC) in its new report.

According to the information, 77 percent of people planned to travel between April and September 2022, since neither the pandemic nor the events around Ukraine affected their plans for the current year. In a statement released Tuesday, April 12, the EU Commission said that about 56 percent of Europeans planning a trip intend to visit another European country in the coming months. About 38 percent of those who want to travel are planning an overnight trip between June and July, and another 32 percent aim to travel between August and September.

ETS data also showed that 31 percent of Europeans are willing to travel within their own country. Respondents from Italy, Spain, Poland, the UK and Germany were the most optimistic about the trip. In addition, the data provided by the Commission showed that the purpose of travel differed by age. Thus, the number of surveyed generation Z (18-24 years old) and baby boomers (tourists over 54 years old) who are ready to go on tour has risen from 69 percent to 83 percent – these are record numbers since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the coming months, the preferred option for 22% of Europeans remains sunny and beach holidays, while the interest in city holidays is about 15%, and 15% in holidays near the water or on the coast.


The results of this survey also show that Spain remains the top and favorite destination for Europeans traveling abroad. It was followed by Italy, France, Greece and Portugal.

The majority of Europeans who have already planned a trip intend to spend four to six nights (33%) or seven to nine nights (27%) on vacation. And only 25% of them chose trips of ten nights or more, mostly family travelers. On the other hand, for couples, they prefer express trips of up to 3 nights.


In addition, due to growing concerns about about inflation, most European tourists are planning to spend 500-1500 euros (45'000-135'000 rubles), which means a reduction in spending on holidays. Previously, respondents were ready to spend more than 2,000 euros (180,000 rubles) on vacation.

“At the same time, while there is more certainty about when and where the next trip will be, only 25 percent of travel-ready Europeans have bought tickets, indicating a limited level of financial commitment. The European tourism sector must ensure that last-minute holidaymakers are targeted this summer,” the statement said.

Worrying factors

With anti-COVID restrictions already eased, about 27 percent of Europeans already have clear holiday plans in place, down from just 16 percent in December 2021. “Our report demonstrates that European confidence in travel is growing now that COVID-19 has largely become a fact of life. New uncertainties on the horizon, namely the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the rising cost of living, are creating challenges for the tourism sector. However, ETC is pleased to see that despite these uncertainties, the appetite for travel is still growing and the European tourism sector remains resilient,” said ETC President Luis Araujo in this regard.

Respondents also acknowledged that the coronavirus remains a cause for concern when traveling: 17% of those who want to travel are concerned about quarantine measures, and another 15% about possible changes in travel restrictions. In addition, Europeans with short-term travel plans have recognized the importance of strict medical protocols.

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