A flurry of hate hit the resting Olga Orlova again

A TV presenter is again criticized for her post-pregnancy figure.

A flurry of hatred hit Olga Orlova, who is resting

Olga Orlova, who is resting a flurry of hate hit again

The ex-soloist of the group "Brilliant" 45-year-old Olga Orlova is currently resting with her husband in the Maldives. Fans are surprised how careless Olga is about motherhood, having learned that the TV presenter went on vacation without her three-month-old daughter, who stayed with her nanny and grandmother.

Many mothers subscribed to the TV star's blog are also surprised that Olga, while still in the hospital, she stopped breastfeeding her newborn baby, apparently in order to protect her bust from stretch marks. However, when they saw a photo of a star in a swimsuit, many began to write in the comments that Orlova's efforts were in vain and advise the star to contact a plastic surgeon.

Recall that during pregnancy Olga was suspected of wearing a false belly, and after giving birth, subscribers and completely criticized her figure, starting to ask inappropriate questions. However, Olga briefly but succinctly answered all offensive statements: “I only want to build up immunity in order to calmly answer questions.”


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