A gang in “sexy dresses” robbed a tourist on the street in Pattaya

“Ladyboy gangsters” professionally rob tourists on the streets of Thai Pattaya. So, the other day, an Indian tourist said that at night a Thai and a “transgender”, both dressed in “sexy dresses”, secretly removed from him a gold chain worth about 76,000 rubles right in front of the hotel where the traveler was staying. Details were reported by Thai media.

The 45-year-old tourist told publications and the police that the couple also tried to persuade him to engage in sexual activities. “At night I returned to my hotel. Was alone. These two came up to me and tried to hug me,” the confused traveler recalled.

“Dear” hugs

The man said that later, after he rejected their indiscreet offer, he noticed that a golden chain was missing from his neck. Almost immediately, the victim went to the police resort town of Pattaya to write a statement about the theft. The police immediately arrived at the scene and checked the nearby CCTV footage to track the suspects and take further action. An investigation is underway.

Recall that this is not the first time a tourist has been robbed by ladyboys. Earlier this month, a similar incident took place in Bangkok. Then a foreign tourist turned to social networks for help in order to find a ladyboy who on the street threw a hug on him and in a few seconds removed a gold chain from the traveler's neck. Read the details in the article “A tourist fell into the arms of a ladyboy and lost his golden chain.”

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