A naked man entered the airport, causing a stir on social networks

A naked man entered the airport, causing a stir in social networks

A naked man had to be caught on the runway by law enforcement officers at the airport in Kazakhstan. According to local media, citing the press service of the transport police department, eyewitnesses called law enforcement officers. They stated that a naked man climbed over the airport fence and thus ended up on the runway – where he ran in what his mother gave birth until the law enforcement officers took him.

Little is known about the figurant yet – it is said that he is 25 years old. That he decided to act, being in a strong alcoholic intoxication and in general “inadequate state”, because he could not explain the reasons for it. As a result, he received three “administrative” at once – for petty hooliganism, for drinking alcohol and appearing in public places in a state of intoxication, as well as for passing through the airport without a permit. The case was taken to court.

The comrade also received his “minute of glory”: eyewitnesses not only called the police, but also filmed his assault on the airport fence in what his mother gave birth on video. Which was sent to social networks, adding musical accompaniment. And the video instantly went viral.

Recall that inadequate airports are not such a rare occurrence. Last summer, for example, a video about a Russian tourist “flying” on social networks, who first lit a cigarette, and then, in front of everyone, relieved herself right at the check-in counter of the Aeroflot air carrier at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The video was published on the Raging World Telegram channel. The reason is the same – alcohol or worse. Read the details at this link.

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