A new misfortune came to Antalya from Egypt: it became difficult for tourists to breathe

A new misfortune came to Antalya from Egypt: it became difficult for tourists to breathe

Bad news came for tourists who have health problems and are currently in Turkey. Sunny spring weather was overshadowed by a dust storm that appeared in the main resort province of Antalya from the Egyptian desert. According to the Turkish state agency Anadolu, as a result, a “dust fog” formed on the streets, visibility decreased on the roads, and hotels were covered with a layer of dust.

A new attack has covered the resort town so that the silhouettes of buildings and tourist sites are barely visible through them. It is specified that in a few days cars, hotels and houses were covered with a thick layer of these particles. As noted by meteorological experts, the desert dust storm is moving east.

They also explained that a high concentration of dust particles in the air affects people with respiratory diseases and can adversely affect their immunity. Therefore, those who have similar problems in the coming days should refrain from long walks through the streets of the city, but for now, tourists note that it has become difficult for them to breathe.

The “Guest from the Desert” often appears in Turkey in the spring. Usually winds from Egypt carry dust through Italy, Greece and Turkey. The most active storm manifests itself in the regions of the Aegean, the Sea of ​​Marmara, the western part of the Black Sea and the western part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Tourists in Antalya were warned about the danger that will go to the Red Sea by June” .

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