A new window to Europe opens from St. Petersburg

A new window to Europe opens from St. Petersburg

Dates and prices of the summer flight program of Turkish Airlines from St. Petersburg were announced by ATOR. According to experts, we are talking about scheduled flights from St. Petersburg to Antalya, which should resume on April 1. It should be noted that at the moment, connecting flights through Turkey in the direction of the EU are one of the few available for Russians who want to leave for Europe: read the details in the material “The main route of Russians wishing to get to Europe has become known.”

At the same time, as ATOR representatives of Turkish Airlines noted, the flights will be daily. The schedule so far is as follows:

  • St. Petersburg – Antalya, flight TK 1234 departure at 11:45, arrival at 15:55. Travel time is 4 hours 10 minutes.
  • Antalya – Petersburg TK 1233 departure at 06:30 am, arrival at 10:45 am.

“According to preliminary data, the route St. Petersburg – Antalya will be operated by Airbus A-320 (12 seats in business class and 144 seats in economy class),” the experts add.

The prices of the carrier presented in the booking system are as follows: for April, air travel from St. Petersburg to Antalya – from 350 euros in economy class and from 1288 euros – in business class one way. For May – from 373 euros with a flight in economy class. After May 10, tickets become cheaper to 188 euros per passenger, and for the summer they rise again to 209 euros.

Tourists were also reminded that due to technical problems with paying with Russian bank cards, they can purchase tickets for Turkish Airlines flights the carrier on the site is not possible. You will have to book tickets either at the office or with ticket agencies, as well as with tour operators and travel agents.

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