A non-trivial alternative to holidays in Turkey and Sochi has been found for Russians

A non-trivial alternative to rest in Turkey and Sochi has been found for Russians

In conditions when sanctions block the usual directions, and prices for the rest are skyrocketing, it's time to present non-trivial proposals. So, on his page in Yandex.Zen, the tourist blogger outlined five reasons to go “instead of Sochi and Turkey” to … Kyrgyzstan!

He assured tourists that there are many more reasons – but there will be five main enough to seriously think about changing the usual resorts. So:

  1. The first reason is that our tourists prefer a beach holiday, and in Kyrgyzstan, as you know, there is no sea. “But there is a lake. Yes, not a simple lake, but a real pearl of Central Asia – namely, Issyk-Kul. In summer, a huge number of hotels, restaurants and entertainment operate on its northern coast – in a word, a real resort. At the same time, untouched nature and the purest water remain on the southern coast – this option is for lovers of “savage” recreation. Thus, tourists from Russia will be able to find in Kyrgyzstan everything they need for a great beach holiday,” the blogger assured.
  2. The second reason is easy access. “To get to Kyrgyzstan, the Russians do not even need a foreigner. The republic is ready to receive guests from the Russian Federation on an internal passport,” the expert noted. “As for medical restrictions, it is enough to show a vaccination certificate or a fresh PCR. In short, flying to Kyrgyzstan is no more difficult than flying to Sochi, and even more so, to Turkey,” the blogger writes.
  3. The third reason, according to him, is that “the republic can boast of oriental flavor no worse than Turkey. But at the same time, more than half of its population speaks Russian very well – just like in Sochi. In other words, Kyrgyzstan combines the comfort of “home rest” and a large number of emotions and impressions inherent in traveling abroad,” the blogger notes. At the same time, the prices are attractive – a plate of local pilaf – from 50 rubles.
  4. Prices – including airfare – is the fourth reason. “In Kyrgyzstan, not only food is cheap, but everything else. And first of all it concerns air tickets. So, low prices are another “plus” compared to the usual resorts. If it’s unlikely to fly to Turkey for less than 50,000 rubles now, then I flew to Kyrgyzstan for only 19,000 rubles,” the blogger writes.
  5. And, finally, the fifth reason: citizens of the Russian Federation. I have repeatedly been convinced of this from my own experience – and believe me, I have been in sooo different situations!

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