A popular Mediterranean country opens up for Russian tourists: it is preparing to send its planes for the Russians

A popular country in the Mediterranean opens up for Russian tourists: it is preparing to send its planes for the Russians

Following Turkey, which created entire airlines for the sake of Russian vacationers and allocated aircraft for them, the authorities of another popular Mediterranean country will send planes to Russia for Russian tourists. We are talking about Tunisia. The intention to take our compatriots to their resorts in the context of anti-Russian sanctions was announced on Monday by the Minister of Tourism of this North African country, Mohammed Moez Belhassin, on the Tunisian radio Shems fm.

According to the official, the Russian market is important for the tourism sector in North Africa, so the authorities of the Mediterranean country have already taken an important step towards the Russians – they have established contacts with local airlines for this process.

The plan to promptly open Tunisia is being implemented. Last month, the minister noted that Tunisia hopes to attract 660,000 Russian and Ukrainian tourists this year, the same number as last year.

“We want to achieve these figures this year, despite the crisis in these countries,” he pointed out.

Last October, Tunisian private airline Syphax Airlines signed a contract with Russian tour operator TUI-Russia to fly 50,000 Russian tourists in 2022. Under the agreement, Syphax Airlines will have to use the Moscow International Airport and its services. Recall that the carrier Syphax Airlines, based in the building of the Sfax-Tina International Airport, has returned to work since 2018 after difficult years marked by huge debts.

Earlier, Tunisia's neighboring country – Egypt – announced that it would continue to receive Russian tourists this season. And the largest air carrier in the Middle East, Emirates, said it would fly to Russia until it was banned from doing so. Emirates is one of the few airlines that still operates flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg and has not joined the sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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