A real bubble has ripened in Antalya, and prices have soared 5 times

A real bubble has ripened in Antalya, and prices have soared 5 times

Rents for housing in Antalya have skyrocketed – 5 times over the past two months – such an assessment was voiced in the Turkish media. At the same time, high prices inflate the “bubble” of rush offers in the market. This threatens, among other things, to leave temporary workers in the tourism sector without housing, which may adversely affect the tourist season, experts say. Both ordinary Russian tourists and those “defectors” who fled Russia after February 24 suffer from such incredible prices.

The rental amount, which a few months ago averaged 2-3 thousand liras, has increased to 15-20 thousand lira. The reason is Ukrainians and Russians who fled to Antalya from the conflict, who massively rent apartments and buy houses in the areas of Lara Liman, Hurma, Sarysu, Muratpasha.

“Rising prices at such a rate is an inflated bubble. Prices are also rising due to resellers with crazy markups. Checks should be strengthened,” said Ismail Caglar, chairman of the Antalya Chamber of Realtors, Car Dealers and Entrepreneurs. In such a regime, he added, the state suffers only losses.

The problem is not only in crime, experts say. Local residents also found themselves in a dead end. The landlords are surviving the former tenants under any pretext in order to rent it out at least twice as much.

“Of course, everyone wants to get the maximum return on their investment, but you need to be a little conscientious. What problems do you think the long-term housing problem will entail for tourism workers in a city built according to the “no tourism – no bread” system, such as Antalya?” Turkish tourism market experts are interested.

They note that “the situation is the same everywhere” – not only in Antalya, but also in Bodrum, Marmaris, Cesme.

“Tourist resorts are closely connected with seasonal tourism workers, we have already suffered losses during the pandemic. Now we are facing a new problem: specialists who are not able to rent housing simply will not come to work with us. If no action is taken, the sector will stop saying we can't find skilled workers and start saying we can't find people to work at all. Tourism workers are facing an extremely acute problem in terms of their most basic need, shelter,” Turkish experts write.

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