A renaissance of tourism began in the Egyptian Marsa Alam: planes full of tourists flew to the resort again

  • Tourism renaissance began in Egyptian Marsa Alam: the resort again planes full of tourists took off

  • Tourism renaissance began in the Egyptian Marsa Alam: planes full of tourists again flew to the resort

European tourists are returning to Egypt. Another “victorious figures” was presented to the Egyptian media by the international airport of the resort of Marsa Alam, which on Sunday received a record 16 regular and charter flights according to the announced schedule of work from various airports in Europe. In fact, in the Egyptian Marsa Alam, forgotten by tourists during the pandemic, a tourism renaissance began.

“Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland have topped the list of countries exporting tourism to Marsa Alam,” the airport said. However, experts note that the general political situation in the resorts of Egypt will affect. “The flow of tourists from Russia and Ukraine, according to forecasts, will decrease by 35%,” said Moataza Sedki, deputy chairman of the tourism committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.

However, we note that Russian tourists also return to Egypt. So far, not Marsa Alam, but to their usual Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Since the beginning of April, charter programs to Egypt on the wings of Red Wings have been announced on their website by the Biblio Globus tour operator. The first flights, according to the tour operator – with 100% load – started on April 3 from the Zhukovsky airport. For details on flights and prices, please follow the link. From the end of this week, a program will also start in Hurghada from St. Petersburg.

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