A Russian tourist in America was surprised by the polyethylene madness of Americans

A Russian tourist in America was surprised by the polyethylene madness of the Americans

The plastic madness captured the Americans. A Russian tourist who went on a trip to the United States was personally convinced of this. He shared his amazing observations in a blog on Yandex.Zen.

Our compatriot drew attention to the fact that the locals pack literally everything in “t-shirt bags”. “At every checkout, whether it’s a souvenir shop, a pharmacy or a supermarket, there are or hang thick packs of disposable bags in which purchases are put … almost by the piece!” — he noted and told how he went to local supermarkets to buy some food for dinner.

The plastic world won…

According to the traveler, his purchase in an American store – cheese, jamon, three yogurts, a bottle of juice, a package of cookies, a couple of bottles of prosecco, a salad, a package of cherry tomatoes and chopped fruit – in Russia would be put in one bag or two, at most. Whereas in the USA the cashier packed this set of 12 small items into 9 large bags. At the same time, the man did not indicate whether he paid extra for them or whether the packages were issued free of charge.

The blogger explained that this is not an isolated case, but the careless lifestyle of the locals. The second time, when a Russian went to the supermarket to buy groceries, history almost repeated itself one to one. A bottle of cola and whiskey, cherry tomatoes, bread, 100-gram salmon slices and orange juice were put into 6 standard plastic bags for the tourist.

“This is what the peak of the evolution of the consumer society looks like,” the Russian stated and said that “all these “bags” were invented in America, back in 1957, for packaging bread, vegetables and sandwiches. Later, the invention spread throughout the world and today it is difficult to imagine our life without plastic bags.

To understand the scope of the use of household bags in the country, which are on the list of the main pollutants of coastal areas, and in cities they clog sewers, from -why floods happen, the annual output of “this good” exceeds 50 trillion pieces, of which almost 1/3 is in the United States.

Help: The danger of polyethylene is that that it decomposes into microplastics, which is fraught with chemical and physical poisoning. Plastic granules are eaten by animals, particles get on the skin and hair of tourists swimming in the sea. When plastic is burned, one of the most dangerous substances for human health is released – dioxins. They are stable, do not decompose for 1,000 years and are not excreted from the body.

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