A Russian tourist in the UAE suddenly realized that there was “nothing to catch” and princes are not for Russian women here

“There is nothing to catch in the Emirates”. There are princes, but not for you,” a Russian traveler who is in the UAE addressed her compatriots with such a statement and spoke in detail on the Yandex.Zen channel about whom local sheikhs prefer to marry.

“Do you think that these men are “saints”, boring, notorious? A very erroneous opinion. Arab billionaires are still “party people”. Their unlimited financial resources allow them to live a happy and carefree life. And Slavic girls, especially Russians, just peck at all this “window dressing”. Arab men know how to please with beautiful speeches. It’s in their blood,” the tourist warned and told how the courtship of Egyptian womanizers differs from that of the Emirates.

“Remember the fabulous compliments of the beach worker or the chef at the all-inclusive dining room? Only Egyptian men are poor liars. With men from the Emirates, it’s almost the same, only they have money and they are ready to spend it on girls. And these girls, unfortunately, are most likely from Russia and Belarus. How trusting are we? We can’t remember that there are no fairy tales in life,” she explained the difference.

According to the author, for a serious relationship, the inhabitants of the Emirates choose Arab girls and those who are chosen by the groom’s parents. An independent choice that the family does not approve of is fraught with exile and deprivation of material wealth for a man. “Basically, the sons of Emirati sheikhs are not so brave. He walks with a foreigner, and marries an Arab woman,” the blogger explained.

At the same time, she added that local girls are brought up according to certain canons – as “family slaves”: “marital life after several years of living together with a spouse turns a once sweet virgin into a tortured housewife.” This is alien to “our” girls, the traveler claims.

“Our girls will not subscribe to this, they will definitely find entertainment or go to work. It’s not boring with Russian girls, it’s just that parents won’t let this union happen. And in general, thinking about a family fairy tale with an Arab prince, a foreigner subscribes to many emergency events in family life, for example, that in a divorce from a sheikh she will be left alone – the children will be taken away and deprived of all rights. And what kind of mother needs such problems…”, the tourist concluded.

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