A Russian tourist went to McDonald's in Turkey and was shocked by converting prices into rubles

A Russian tourist went to McDonald's in Turkey and was shocked by converting prices into rubles

A domestic tourist missed food from McDonald's and went to one of the restaurants of this network in Turkey to compare prices with those that were before the terrible inflation in the republic. He shared the results of what he saw on his blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to him, the food offered by McDonald's has always helped him out when traveling around the world. But what a tourist saw when he entered a Turkish fast food establishment: “It turned out that everything is very expensive there. This is probably due to the huge inflation in Turkey. So, for example, the simplest hamburger will cost the buyer as much as 240 rubles (60 lira). A menu with a double cheeseburger is sold for 490 rubles (122 lira). It's expensive and not useful at all. But the Turks love McDonald's, so there are a lot of visitors there,” he concluded.

Let's add that in the summer of 2022, in another popular tourist country among Russians, there was also a sharp jump in food prices in the restaurants of this network. The company has raised prices during the last period as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the growth of the dollar in Egypt. The price of a Big Mac has increased from 59 Egyptian pounds to 88, Big Tasty – from 92 to 123, a set lunch – from 123 to 165. Note that in the Russian equivalent today it turns out that the same Big Mac has risen in price from 147 to 220 rubles.

Recall that after 32 years of operation in the Russian market, a large American chain announced the termination of its activities in our country, but after a short time returned under the new name “Tasty – and that's it” and with a new owner.

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