A Russian woman came to Turkey and was horrified by the prices of food, converting them into rubles

A Russian woman came to Turkey and was horrified by the prices of food, converting them into rubles

“Infernal” prices for goods and products of the first necessary, Turkish shops met a professional Russian tourist who had not been in the republic for only six months. The traveler noted on the Yandex.Zen channel that the crisis that broke out in the country at the end of 2021 was to blame. At this time, the national currency fell a lot.

“Prices for meat, dairy products, vegetable oil, and bread have risen significantly in Turkey. Sweets and cereals are getting more expensive, ”the blogger clarified and cited some prices as an example. So, sliced ​​​​gray bread – 50 rubles, toast – 70 rubles, fresh loaf – 20 rubles, sugar, for which there is no restriction on purchase – 90 rubles/kg, eggs – 170 rubles. for 15 pieces, chicken fillet – 330 rubles/kg, breast – 240 rubles/kg; minced beef – 725 rubles/kg, loin – from 760 rubles/kg, natural butter – 550 rubles/kg, vegetable oil – from 210 rubles. per liter.

The girl noted with regret that there were practically no products left in the country that had not risen in price. However, against the backdrop of high prices for the above basic goods, the cost of vegetables and fruits in supermarkets seems low: potatoes – 50 rubles, tomatoes – 90 rubles/kg, oranges – 50 rubles/kg. Moreover, the author noted, you can buy fruits and vegetables at the market much cheaper.

The tourist named milk (from 50 rubles per liter), tea bags (50 rubles), instant coffee (local from 90 rubles/100 gr, imported – from 150 rubles, ground – from 70 rubles) as affordable products, pickled cucumbers (40 rubles/bank) and pasta (from 35 rubles/pack). This list was diluted with sweets, dried fruits, juices, lemonades, olives and locally produced cereals.

Comparing with Russia, the girl noted that some products cost the same, but vegetables and fruits are still cheaper.

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