A Russian woman in Egypt revealed the services that are really lacking now for Russians who have emigrated to this country

A Russian woman in Egypt revealed services that Russians who emigrated to this country really lack now

“The girls will give their last money, but they will be beautiful,” said the Russian traveler, who has been in Egypt for the past few months. In the conditions of hasty emigration in the country of pyramids, Russian women lack the usual services that our compatriots could receive in any Russian beauty salon, so manicurists, eyebrow artists and other specialists began to use rush demand. Numerous announcements appeared on the search for experts in animal care, she said on the Yandex.Zen channel, after analyzing the thematic communities of Russian speakers who moved to Egypt for permanent residence.

According to the girl, the Russians came to Egypt intentionally, their not embarrassed by the hellish heat that will come to the country soon. At the same time, “they didn’t even hesitate to bring their requests here.”

Russian tourists are actively looking for experts in the field of beauty. They are interested in manicurists, eyelashes, eyebrows, as well as hairdressers for haircuts and coloring. “We can’t take away this from our girls – we love to preen, even when hard times are coming,” the author specified.

Together with them, Russians transport their pets to a hot country, who need regular examinations by a veterinarian. To avoid the language barrier, Russians are looking for Russian-speaking specialists. In addition, some are looking for pet groomers, ie. hairdressers.

Probably, this is part of the tourists who went to a new place of residence, having a remote income or a certain amount of money, since the blogger noted another trend – “freshly baked” emigrants are urgently looking for a job. “There are a lot of ads with the search for models for makeup, manicure, haircut, eyebrows. Someone is seriously guessing at the cards. Strange, but someone and it uses. If there is demand, then there will be supply,” the girl explained.

The services of florists are in particular demand among Russians. But since flowers are hard to come by in the middle of the desert, “nimble girls make money on balloons, winding incredible bouquets out of them.” The rest responded to teaching services. The Egyptians are looking for teachers who speak English. Babysitters are also in demand. Most often used are busy Egyptians.

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