A Russian woman in Egypt suddenly realized that all around were “concerned” polygamists

While some travelers talk about hot Egypt as a country with a rich heritage, others pay attention to the Egyptian men from the slums. We are talking about a Russian tourist who is stuck in the country of the pyramids and on the Yandex.Zen channel “scribbles” stories about the relationship of Russian women with locals. This time she said that going to Egypt for Europeans is the same as attending her own wedding. In addition, in her opinion, in the country of the pharaohs, “Egyptians concerned about polygamy” live all the time. However, commentators who see what is happening more widely criticized the tourist for her next “opus”.

According to her, local men at the first meeting are not interested in the name and age of the girl, he is interested in her status – whether she is married. If not, then this is a “green signal” for him to conquer the Russian-speaking beauty at any cost. It is difficult for lonely tourists to resist the Egyptians, as they are very persistent in showing signs of attention. A careless tourist will not blink an eye, as she will receive as “friends” on social networks “a few dozen anxious Egyptians who have little female attention from their wives, so polygamy is still popular in Egypt.”

The blogger believes that there are a large number of stories where Russian women play the role of a second wife in the country of pyramids. “However, officially, according to the documents, only the first woman will be considered a wife. By the way, she gives her consent to a second wife. If the first wife is against – most likely, the Egyptian will achieve passion from the girls he likes again, but will not call “marry” – his wife does not allow him! – she wrote and stated that our compatriots deliberately take such a step and are not afraid to be “on the sidelines”.

As for the local men, the author called them “strange people.” “Men “connect” with women only because of family views, and in the rest of their free time, men try to spend time only with friends. Together they smoke a hookah, look at girls on social networks, discuss and so on. If at that moment a foreigner comes across to them, all attention will be focused on her,” she explained her opinion.

In addition, she assured that the Egyptians “like to promise a lot”: “Fulfill everything that is said it won't happen earlier in the future, but this is their approach – to hang as many noodles on their ears as possible.

In Egypt, most resort romances end badly for Russian women, the tourist noted. “Most often it turns out that the “wife” cannot pick up her children, because, according to local law, children must remain inside the country, so there are so many different stories with escapes today!” – she summed up and added that she does not advise listening to the flattery of local womanizers.

At the same time, commentators noted that the girl was wrong and did not have full information to write about the culture of behavior of the local population.

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