A Russian woman was surprised when she found out where uneaten dishes really go after breakfast at the hotel

A Russian woman was surprised when she found out where uneaten meals really go after breakfast at the hotel

Those left at breakfast meals in a restaurant hotel are either taken to the refrigerator in anticipation of their next outing, or disposed of … or fed to employees and cats. However, cooks extend the life of some products. At least, this is how things are in a 4-star hotel in Greece, where a Russian woman got a job. She spoke about the amazing rules of the popular hotel in the Yandex.Zen blog.

The hotel is guided by safety standards, so tourists do not get poisoned. So, cold cuts of sausage and cheese, including feta cheese, are put into a container and put in the refrigerator so that the products do not deteriorate and do not dry out. Shelf life – 1-2 days.

Pies are baked right in the kitchen, workers do not use semi-finished products. Cupcakes are also not allowed to lie on the tables for a long time. Shelf life – 2 days.

“But not on the third day! On the third day, even if there are pies left, they are either eaten by the hotel staff, or they are fed to the cats, ”she said.

Boiled eggs can also be put on the table the next day, but they are mixed with freshly boiled ones. What else can lie in the refrigerator until the next time and more is sauces. They do not deteriorate for a long time, so the kitchen staff does not throw them away, but offers them to guests within a few days.

Extend the life of bread and rolls as much as possible. Before being re-exposed to the guests' table, the products are heated so that they acquire an attractive appearance.

What is always disposed of immediately after breakfast:

  1. Fresh vegetable salads containing tomatoes and cucumbers.
  2. Milk that stood on the sideboard in a jug. It is not used for baking, but mercilessly poured into the sink.
  3. Everything that is fried: loukoumades (donuts) pancakes, croutons.

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