A shark killed a tourist at a popular resort, everyone is in shock

A shark killed a tourist at a popular resort, everyone is in shock

A tragic incident happened on the resort island of San Andres in the Colombian Caribbean Sea. In a bay popular with divers and watersports enthusiasts – known locally as la piscinita (“little pool”) a shark attacked a tourist. The man suffered such serious injuries to his right leg that, although he managed to get out of the water and arrived at the hospital alive, he eventually died from blood loss. An Italian tourist was killed.

Local authorities are shocked – representatives of the authorities of the island of San Andres insist that such attacks are extremely rare. The clear waters off the coast of the island are considered one of its main tourist attractions – but tourists have not encountered any dangerous marine life here.

“Perhaps they were migrating sharks,” authorities say. However, a video has already circulated on social media showing two tiger sharks in shallow water south of San Andrés, close to the beach where the tourist was swimming. “These are two great tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) whose identity has been confirmed by national experts. This species is common in the Caribbean and usually spends daytime in deep waters and feeds in shallow water at night. There are reports of the appearance of this species throughout the archipelago. However, during the day they rarely swim ashore,” the authorities say.

Nevertheless, security measures have been taken: tourists are advised to avoid going out to sea in the coming days. The beaches are also closed.

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