A shocking debt of Russian tour operators announced after the imposition of sanctions

A shocking debt of Russian tour operators announced after the imposition of sanctions

Turpomoshch calculated the debts of tour operators for tours canceled due to the special operation. According to the Turkish media, referring in turn to the data of Tourist Assistance, tour operators are obliged to return 60 billion rubles ($750 million) to their customers for tours that did not take place due to the Russian special operation and European sanctions.

“Data is being collected about the amount of debt due to the cancellation of tours after the sanctions, this figure could be 60 billion rubles. or even a little more, ”they quote a statement made by Alexander Osaulenko, the general director of the TurPomoshch association. At the same time, Osaulenka also said that tour operators had not yet had time to fully pay off debts for “pandemic” tours. Although the amount of debt decreased from 45 billion rubles to 4 billion rubles at the end of 2021.

The Russian Association of Tour Operators (ATOR), in turn, said that there would be a wave of bankruptcies among tour operators if repayment mechanisms were not extended. So far, the obligations have been extended for a year. What will happen to tours canceled at the moment is unknown.

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