A third of Russians want to go on vacation abroad in the spring of 2023

A third of Russians want to go on holiday abroad in the spring of 2023

Travel planning service OneTwoTrip found out where its customers are going to go this spring. It turned out that almost all respondents, or 95.7%, like to visit new cities and countries after a long winter, while 89.7% want to go on a trip in the coming months.

More than half of spring trips are planned for Russia (68.9%), but only a third of respondents (31.1%) are going abroad. Mostly tourists go on vacation with the company – this answer was chosen by 67.7%. The rest will go alone (32.3%).

The best thing to do in the spring is to go where it is warm, according to 64.5% of the respondents, while for the other 35.5% it is not so important. But preferences by type of vacation were divided almost equally: 49.4% want to explore the sights of the new city, and 50.6% choose outdoor recreation.

If we talk about specific places that travelers advise visiting during the period from March to May, then Turkey won the maximum number of votes: 11.2% of respondents believe that it is best to go to Istanbul or Antalya. A little less, or 10.1% of the respondents, named the Caucasus, especially Mineralnye Vody and Kislovodsk. Third place was taken by St. Petersburg: he scored 9.5% of the vote. Also frequently mentioned were Kaliningrad (8.4%), Dagestan (7.3%), Sochi (6.7%), Yerevan (5%), Altai (3.9%), Kazan (3.4%) and Thailand (2.8%). 1,618 people took part in the survey.

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