A tourist told how to carry liquid makeup remover in hand luggage on board

Tourist told how to carry liquid make-up remover in hand luggage on board

A foreign tourist found a way to get around the strict rules for transporting liquids on an airplane. In particular, the girl shared a way to bring make-up remover, which is usually sold in large bottles, on board the ship without pouring into a 100-ml container: you need a sealed bag and cotton pads. Travelers called the life hack brilliant. She shared her secret in a video on TikTok.

According to the blogger, her way of carrying liquid on the plane does not violate any rules. She advised travelers to put cotton pads in a plastic bag and pour makeup remover or face wash over them. Hygiene products will absorb the cosmetic and it will not be considered a liquid. And the airtight bag will not allow the pads to dry out.

Commentators were impressed by the tourist's advice, many called it brilliant. “My God, why have I never thought about this!”, “I need it right now, thanks, I’m just packing,” such comments were left by tourists.

In addition, some noted the economic component. It turned out that this way of transporting personal care products is cheaper than buying special travel products: “I was looking at a bottle of micellar travel water today. The price is outrageous. Thank you.”

Some flight attendants have previously shown the things they pack to reduce the amount of liquids that tourists usually take with them on the road. So, they suggest taking soap instead of its liquid counterparts – shampoo and conditioner. Plus, you don't have to worry about the soap leaking.

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