A tourist who visited Turkey compared prices there with Crimea

A tourist who visited Turkey compared prices there with Crimea

Turkey is still “cheaper than we have in Crimea,” the tourist assured her subscribers on her Yandex.Zen channel. She said that “today, the exchange rate of the lira in Turkey is 1:5, the lira continues to fall”, and with such a rate it is profitable to travel to Turkey, although prices have risen, and also cited the main prices. Note that this applies to Istanbul. The tourist brought prices for housing, food and transport.

Housing has risen in price significantly. According to the blogger: “It’s no longer possible to rent a room in the center of Istanbul for 500 rubles through Airbnb, you can rent a small studio in Beyoglu from 25 euros per day.”

As for food prices, “you can eat in Turkey also not expensive, as before,” the blogger writes. She gives the following prices: ayran and a sandwich – 125 rubles; a dish with meat and a side dish – 270 rubles; eat in a restaurant “which is considered quite expensive” – 900 rubles for two; “The popular Turkish Simit bagels can be bought for 3.5 lira, for 10 lira they will fill it with Nutella.”

Prices in the markets are also “quite pleasant”, according to the blogger’s definition. Fruit from 15 to 45 liras depending on the type, fish – from 40 to 130, weight is not specified.

Prices in public transport have also not changed relatively. Ticket for 10 trips on any transport – bus, metro, ferry – 88 lira. “You can buy an Istanbulkart, a deposit of 25 liras, you can replenish it for any amount. For example, one trip to the subway costs about 7 lira,” the tourist said.

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