A window to Europe has been opened through which Russians are fleeing by the thousands not on planes

The window to Europe has been opened, through which Russians are fleeing in thousands without airplanes

Another “loophole” to Europe at one end, this time overland, was discovered by the Russians. Deutsche Welle (a foreign agent and a German media holding whose website was recently blocked by Roskomnadzor for “systematic dissemination of fakes” about Russia's special military operation in Ukraine) reports that the Finnish company Allegro has hastily increased the fleet of trains running between St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

NB Earlier, Turprom wrote that “The only and last window to Europe for Russian tourists almost closed, thanks to a fake” – but this is no longer about the railway window, but about the air window.

“Air traffic is currently limited – and hundreds, thousands of people leave Russia on this train to wait out dangerous times in Europe,” DW assures in his video. According to him, this is how Russians are saved, experiencing “fear of the future because of the special operation” and “monstrous sanctions that break the lives of many Russians.” At the same time, the interviewees say that they “will see how events develop” and “maybe they will leave for some other country.”

The German publication also assures that Russians only need a previously issued valid visa to enter. Note that this is somewhat at odds with the information of official departments that Finland does not plan to open “at the external borders” – i.e. including for Russians – at least until April 10 due to the “covid” rules. “In accordance with the decision of the government, entry restrictions at the external borders have been extended until April 10, 2022,” the country’s Foreign Ministry said on its website. Read the details here.

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