A window to the outside world: which countries and which airlines can Russians travel to now

A window to the outside world: which countries and which airlines Russians can now travel to

Six Russian airlines, almost thirty more foreign ones, twenty-one open countries and the opportunity to “get through” even to Europe – experts have compiled a detailed list of the current state of “loopholes” for Russians through Western air sanctions – at least for tourists, at least for those who panic and want to sit out “difficult times” abroad.< /p>

At the moment, according to the statement of experts, Russia maintains air communication and accessibility with twenty countries. They present the following list:

29 airlines fly to Russia from the following countries:

  1. Algeria,
  2. Armenia,
  3. Bahrain,
  4. Belarus,
  5. Venezuela,
  6. Israel,
  7. India,
  8. Iraq,
  9. Iran,
  10. Kazakhstan,
  11. Qatar,
  12. Kyrgyzstan,
  13. Morocco,
  14. Mongolia,
  15. UAE,
  16. Serbia,
  17. Syria,
  18. Tajikistan,
  19. Turkmenistan,
  20. Turkey
  21. Uzbekistan.

Here, however, it is worth making a clarification: the international lobby of insurers has already “planted” the Moroccan airline, banning its flights to Russia. At the moment, the actual information war against flights to Serbia continues – about which periodic fakes about mining are received, and Russian publications are also willing to pick up fakes about canceling flights.

Also, six Russian carriers still dare to fly abroad – mainly those who are allowed to do so by the existing fleet of “Superjets” that are not subject to sanctions. It should be noted that according to the Federal Air Transport Agency, there are only 147 such airliners in the country, and not all of them operate on foreign flights. However, ours still operate 250 flights per week to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

According to experts, some of the destinations open to Russians, primarily the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, allow them to go further, to other destinations. Tourists are told that among these destinations are such countries as Turkey, Vietnam, UAE, Armenia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Nepal, Malaysia, India, Azerbaijan, Cape Verde, Qatar, Peru, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Brazil. Moreover, some countries, having closed the skies for Russians, did not close the issuance of visas – experts assure – allegedly visa centers continue to issue visas in Slovenia, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Spain, and Italy. In general, they give the following list of countries:

  • Turkey: it comes to mind in the first place: a visa is not needed if the duration of the trip is less than 60 days, air traffic is relatively “available”, although ticket prices have skyrocketed and cost from 40 thousand. You must have a certificate of vaccination, a certificate of recovery from covid or a negative PCR result. Although expats warn not so much tourists as potential expats, the influx of applicants is so high that we do not advise.
  • Egypt is still a problem with direct flights, but there are chances to get there with a transfer. A visa up to 90 days can be automatically obtained at the airport, if desired, you can apply for a visa for five years. Travelers are required to take a PCR test within 72 hours prior to departure and complete a health declaration upon arrival.
  • Vietnam – the country has almost officially opened for Russians since March 15, but there are no mass flights yet; visa-free – only up to 15 days. You can still fly with cheap Vietnam Airlines to Hanoi or with transfers. The cost of flights starts from 65-80 thousand rubles. It is necessary to have a vaccination certificate with a period of more than 14 days and less than 6 months or a certificate of recovery, as well as a fresh PCR test – in addition, they will also require insurance, which includes treatment for covid.
  • Azerbaijan regime visa-free up to 90 days, quite a lot of air carriers fly to Baku. “Covid” restrictions are an ordinary fresh PCR test, as well as a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of recovery.
  • Armenia: for stays of less than 180 days, a visa is not required. The cost of an air ticket on the Moscow-Yerevan route was from 16,000 rubles, but it also responds to increased demand.
  • Georgia: you can only get to the country by air, only with transfers. Land borders are open only to those traveling to stay with relatives, for medical treatment or for property owners. A visa to enter Georgia is not needed for a stay of up to 360 days. You also need a PCR test, a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of recovery.
  • Maldives: visa-free regime for up to 30 days. Aeroflot, by order of the Federal Air Transport Agency, canceled its flights, so you can get there with transfers – on Emirates, Flydubai, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways. The ticket price starts from 38 thousand rubles. Tourists need to pass a PCR test, fill out a declaration on their health, book a hotel.
  • Serbia is the only country in Europe still open to Russians. A visa is not required if the stay is less than 30 days. Air Serbia fly to Belgrade with direct flights – which, as already mentioned, are regularly mined by Turkish Airlines with a transfer in Istanbul. Before departure, you must obtain a negative PCR test result. Ticket prices are rising every day.

Experts also note that if they have a visa, those who wish have a chance to escape with a transfer to such countries as the UK, Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Austria, Serbia, Romania, Albania, Greece. The easiest way to get to Latvia and Norway is through land borders.

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