Aeroflot announces resumption of flights to Istanbul

Aeroflot announced the resumption of flights to Istanbul

Aeroflot officially announced the return of flights to Istanbul – as well as to other cities in Turkey and foreign countries. More precisely, we are talking about flights from Sochi by the Rossiya airline, which is part of the Aeroflot group, from Sochi.

Recall that earlier Aeroflot has already declared that Sochi Airport can become an international hub for flights to countries accessible to Russia under sanctions, flights are scheduled to six countries, these are Armenia, Egypt, Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan. “Rossiya Airlines (part of the Aeroflot Group) will fly to the destinations on SSJ-100 aircraft. To support the international program, up to ten aircraft of this type are planned to be based in Sochi, ”the air carrier specified in its message. Read the details in the material “TURPROM” “Russians began to sell tickets to 6 countries through Sochi.”

At the moment, the carrier's website provides a detailed schedule of the program to all cities of departure and the start dates of the programs. For Istanbul, the details are as follows: from April 7, Aeroflot “represented” by the Rossiya airline will start operating regular flights between Sochi and Istanbul. Flights from Sochi to Istanbul and back will be carried out daily.

The detailed schedule of flights from Sochi by country is as follows:

  1. Armenia: Yerevan 7 times a week from April 8;
  2. Egypt: Cairo 7th district from April 7
  3. Israel: Tel Aviv 1th district from April 7
  4. Kazakhstan: Aktau, 3rd district, from April 8
    Aktobe 3 p/n, from April 7
    Almaty 7 p/n from April 8
    Atyrau 2 p/n from April 9
    Nur-Sultan 7 p/n from April 7
  5. Turkey: Antalya R/D 14 from April 7
    Bodrum R/D 3 from April 22
    Dalaman R/D 2 from April 22
    Istanbul 19 r/n from 7 April
  6. Uzbekistan Bukhara 3 r/n from 7 april
    Samarkand 4 r/n from 8 april
    Tashkent 7 r/n from 8 april
    Urgench 2 r/n from April 8
    Fergana 3 r/n from April 7.

“Aeroflot will continue to study the prospect of developing an international flight program from Sochi, as well as from other Russian cities” , – the carrier also said.

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