Aeroflot to offer Russians a comprehensive travel product

Aeroflot has chosen a tour operator to conclude an agreement on the sale of air transportation services included in travel packages. According to the results of the request for quotation procedure, the Biblio-Globus tour operator's commercial offer won.

Aeroflot will offer Russians a comprehensive tourism product

The subject of the partnership agreement will be the sale and provision of transportation services on regular, as well as individual charter flights of Aeroflot in a number of international and domestic Russian destinations with increased tourist demand, including Male (Maldives), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Antalya (Turkey), as well as 10 domestic routes connecting Sochi with regional centers, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Aeroflot CEO Sergey Alexandrovsky: “We are considering for ourselves different approaches to stimulating the consumer demand of Russians for a tourism product. At the same time, it is extremely important for us to ensure it at the proper level of reliability and quality. For its part, Aeroflot is ready to offer its passengers internationally recognized high-quality flight services at very comfortable prices. At the same time, the participation of the tour operator Biblio-Globus will simplify the logistics and organization of all stages of the trip for travelers and will allow them to make decisions about resort vacations with less doubt.

Mikhail Vasilenko, General Director of Sheremetyevo International Airport JSC: “Partnership with Aeroflot is always obviously reliable, guaranteed and, of course, prestigious for tour operators. We see how Aeroflot, being the largest player in the industry, strives to offer various solutions to stabilize the market and ensure the availability of air transportation for the country's population. Biblio-Globus has a successful track record of traveling with Rossiya Airlines, a member of the Aeroflot Group, and is ready to focus on the further development of Russian tourism.

Head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova: “Now, on the eve of summer holidays, it is especially important for us to create as many conditions as possible for affordable travel of our citizens in various directions, both domestic and foreign, so that tourists have a wide choice of where go. And such partnerships, as an agreement between the major tour operator Biblio Globus and the national air carrier Aeroflot, are of particular importance during the period of temporarily limited air traffic in a number of directions. It is important that the transportation announced under the agreement covers not only the capital, but also other regions of Russia, for example, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Perm, Tyumen, Sverdlovsk regions, as well as Bashkiria. This will significantly expand the transport accessibility of the Black Sea resorts for our citizens. For our part, we will continue to work together with the Ministry of Transport and business to launch more such projects from different regions of Russia, including as part of our charter program”


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