Alanya in April: the warm embrace of Turkish spring

Alanya is part of the Antalya region of Turkey and is located at the southernmost point of the country. Such an advantageous location, together with picturesque mountain views, the Mediterranean coast and a rich history, has brought great popularity to the cozy resort.

Yes, there is no that active rhythm of modern life inherent in Istanbul, or a large number of architectural and historical attractions typical for Antalya. However, Alanya attracts tourists with completely different qualities.

Here you can “slow down” and take a break from the hustle and bustle, be alone with nature, enjoy the contemplation of the unhurried rolling of sea waves.

Of course, at the height of the high season, even Alanya becomes crowded. Those who are aiming for a quiet and relaxing vacation are advised to come to the resort in April. Kidpassage will tell you more about the April holiday at the resort.

Alanya in April: warm embrace of the Turkish spring

Alanya vacation in April: pros and cons

Often tourists deliberately come to Turkey at the very beginning of the high season, and there are good reasons for this. Reviews of holidays in Alanya in April only confirm that the spring resort is more attractive for many than the summer one. So, what are the main plusesof the April holiday called by tourists?

  • Weather conditions. In the middle of spring in Alanya it is already warm like in summer, often vacationers do not need a warm jacket even in the evenings. During the day, you can do with T-shirts.
  • An abundance of fruits and vegetables. The southern resorts of Turkey, even in winter, pamper guests and local residents with fresh fruits and vegetables, and in spring, local markets amaze with their vitamin assortment.
  • The cost of rest. Prices for holidays in Alanya are just starting to rise. The cost is already higher than in the low season, but still not close to peak summer values.
  • Opening tourism infrastructure. In the middle of spring, the entire tourist infrastructure of the resort is fully operational.

But still, despite the significant preponderance of strengths, Alanya in April is not ideal. In the middle of spring, the Mediterranean Sea is not yet warm enough for swimming.

Those who bet on a beach holiday are invariably disappointed. The cold sea could be compensated with an excursion program, but there are not so many sights and entertainments in Alanya.

However, even if you get bored, you can always go to the nearest Antalya, where the excursion program is richer. Antalya is separated from Alanya by only 138 km. An hour and a half on the road — and you can get acquainted with another popular Turkish resort.

Alanya weather in April

Alanya weather in April — May is quite warm, if not hot. In May, the mercury column can even rise to +30 °C. Here the heat is felt stronger than in other resorts, as the Taurus Mountains, which surround Alanya in a dense ring, do not let even the slightest breath of wind pass through.

The weather in early April is warm and sunny — This is a great time for outdoor activities. In the first half of the month, there is no sweltering heat at the resort, but still you should not go out without a layer of protective cream on exposed skin. The Turkish sun is insidious, the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation is possible even at +15…18 °C.

The temperature in Alanya in mid-April remains moderately warm, as in the beginning of the month. Rains during this period are practically excluded, spring and summer in the southern region of Turkey are considered the driest seasons.

The weather in Alanya at the end of April is more like the beginning of summer than the middle of spring, — it's so warm and sunny here. At this time, the first bathers begin to appear on the beach, but still, for most vacationers (especially for small children), the sea remains cold.

Air and water temperature

The Mediterranean climate provides the resort with long hot summers with high humidity and a complete lack of precipitation. It is the local climate, combined with the picturesque nature and the Mediterranean Sea, that have made Alanya such a popular tourist destination.

Air temperature in Alanya in April

The average day and night air temperature in Alanya in mid-spring is +19.9 °C and +17.2 °C respectively. The closer to summer, the warmer it gets in the resort.

At the end of April, guests can walk freely in light shirts even in the evening.

Water temperature< /h3>

By April, the Mediterranean Sea warms up to +18.4 °C. Some tourists already take the risk of taking their first swims, but most vacationers simply walk along the beach, wander barefoot in shallow water, breathe in the fresh sea air and enjoy the beautiful views of the Mediterranean.


No raincoat, no umbrella, no rubber boots will be needed on a spring holiday in Turkey. The average rainfall in April is 24.5 mm. On average, there are only two rainy days for the whole month.

Sunny, cloudy, cloudy days

What is in abundance in the resort is sunlight. The total number of sunny days — 25 days, or 83% of the entire month. The length of daylight hours is 12.6 & ndash; 13.7 hours. Cloudy days occupy 13% of April, cloudy — 4%.

Sightseeing tour in Alanya

Alanya in April: the warm embrace of the Turkish spring

Although Alanya is much smaller than, for example, neighboring Antalya, there is also something to see here. The advantage is that already in early April you can enjoy the natural beauties, because it is the picturesque nature that is the main asset of the resort.

The main architectural landmark of the city is the Kyzyl Kule tower (Red Tower). This is such an important part of Alanya that its image is even placed on the city flag. Therefore, it is worth starting acquaintance with the city from it. The building is located in the city port, where it has been standing for several hundred years. At the top of Kyzyl Kule there is an observation deck, but to get to it, you need to overcome 85 steps. An ethnographic museum operates on the first floor of the tower.

Another historical monument of the city is the fortress of Alanya, built in the XIII century. Inside the protective structure there is a trading square, a mosque, the Sultan's winter palace, a mint, a bathhouse and other premises. There are also four hundred underground reservoirs in the fortress.

  • Entertainment in Alanya for children and adults

At the end of April, when mercury the column is approaching the maximum temperature of the month, it is nice to hide from the heat in Alanya caves. The region is distinguished by a unique mountainous landscape, there are many caves in the vicinity of the resort, visiting which will be not only an interesting adventure, but also a wellness procedure.

The most popular are Dim caves and Damlatash. The second one is located near Cleopatra Beach, you can even get to it from the city center on foot. This is an amazingly beautiful cave, covered with thousand-year-old stalactites and stalagmites, even the translation of the name sounds like “a stone in flowing drops”.

There are also stalactites in Dim Cave, no less impressive than Damlatash. Dim is located in a pine forest, near the Dim Chai River, so the road to the cave will be a pleasant forest walk at the same time.

To visit the caves, tourists will need warm clothes, as it is quite cool and damp inside. Even on the hottest day, the temperature inside does not rise above +18 °C.

There are also places in Alanya that are focused on the joint rest of parents and children. Similar family locations are:

  • luna park
  • dolphinarium
  • city ​​water park
  • Sealanya water park (in the neighboring village of Turkler).

Holidays, events, festivals

There are hardly any special holidays in Alanya in April you will find. The calendar contains only one “red date” — Turkish National Independence and Children's Day (April 23). On this day, solemn events are held in city schools, sports competitions, concerts for young spectators are organized.

Prices for holidays in April

Alanya in April: the warm embrace of the Turkish spring

Prices in Alanya in April begin to rise. The cost of rest is already higher than it was in the low season, but has not yet reached peak summer values. An April holiday in Alanya slightly hits the wallet, while next month tourists have to pay almost twice as much.

Price of tours

In April, the cost of tours increases by 20%. In May, prices rise by another 6%. The rise in price of tours, starting in April, will last until September.


Air carriers start raising ticket prices literally from the first days of April. In the middle of spring, the cost of a flight is 15–20% higher than at the beginning. In May, prices rise by 30–50%.


The April rise in prices also affects hotels in Alanya. The cost of living is rising both in five-star complexes and in budget hostels. But so far, the rise in price does not exceed 10%, and already at the end of May, prices rise much higher.

  • The best hotels in Alanya for families with children

Meals and transfers

Alanya is focused primarily on foreign tourists, so you can find restaurants of European, Japanese, Italian cuisine and others in the resort. But do not neglect visiting authentic Turkish cafes. It is especially recommended to appreciate the local fish restaurants, where seafood dishes are excellent.

Lunch in an inexpensive cafe costs about 50 lira, but for dinner in a good restaurant you will have to pay at least a hundred. The resort has a lot of stalls with street food, a fast food snack will cost about 10–15 lira.

  • Food in Alanya: how to organize and how much it will cost

The city has a well-developed public transport, represented by buses and dolmush. The fare varies from 2.5 to 5 liras. The price for an e-ticket will be slightly lower. The fare is paid to the driver at the entrance.

Only official taxi services operate at the resort, where all cars are equipped with meters. A ride within the city limits costs about 50 lira, at night the price tag doubles.

An excellent public transport for Alanya is a bicycle. There are several rental offices on the coast. Each hour costs 2 lira, you also need to pay a deposit of 150 lira, which is given after the return of the bike. Cycling can be not only a way to get around Alanya, but also a great family vacation.

How to dress in Alanya

Alanya in April: the warm embrace of Turkish spring

When packing your bags in April, give preference to summer things, but still allocate space in your luggage for a couple of warm sweaters. Mostly at the resort in the middle of spring it is comfortable to walk in T-shirts, but in the evenings sometimes you want to put on extra clothes. Do not take too many warm clothes — one long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt and sweatshirt will be enough.

Bring your swimsuit and other beach gear. It is unlikely that you will be able to swim in the Mediterranean Sea, but you will definitely be able to soak up a sun lounger in the warm sun or swim in the pool.

Be sure to take hats for all family members. Don't be fooled by the gentle rays of the sun — You can also get heatstroke or sunburn at +20 °C.

Recommendations for families with children

If you are planning to come to Alanya with children, but want to avoid crowds, sweltering heat and shocking prices, then there is no better time than April. The only disadvantage of the April holiday is the inability to swim in the Mediterranean Sea, but this disadvantage can be compensated by visiting water parks and swimming pools.

  • Holidays with children in Alanya: Kidpassage tips

In general, Alanya in April is warm, sunny, quiet and calm. Children walk a lot in the fresh air, get vitamin D from the warm spring sun, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and get acquainted with the history and traditions of Turkey. What else do you need for a good holiday? For more information about what else you can do with the whole family at the resort, read the Kid Passage article “5 Best Activities for Kids in Alanya”.

Our portal wishes you a great holiday and reminds you that the main components of a perfect vacation — it is a positive attitude, good company and competent organization. We are sure that with the advice of Kidpassage, preparations for the April holiday in Alanya will be more than successful.


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