All restrictions suddenly ended in Germany, but two regions went against all Germans

All restrictions suddenly ended in Germany, but two regions went against all Germans

The German government “pushed through a new legal framework that led to the complete cessation of measures to combat Covid-19,” local media commented on the massive lifting of covid-19 restrictions. Including for tourists – in most states of Germany, the “vaccine qualification”, masks and other restrictions have been canceled. However, the government left the right “if necessary at the regional level” to introduce stricter rules – and two regions have already taken advantage of this, actually going against all other Germans.

As a result, since the beginning of this week, the system of passes for entering most public places has been canceled – including restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers and other “enterprises” of the tourism industry. The mandatory mask regime in shops, museums and restaurants has also been canceled, however, with the caveat “if masks are not required by a company, shop or institution” – in Germany they have the right to demand this regardless of national or state regulations.

However, two regions of Germany – Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – refused to lift the restrictions and declared themselves “hot spots”. That is, they are willing to maintain existing Covid-19 restrictions, such as mandatory masks and vaccine passes for access to public places.

According to German eyewitnesses, the differences are obvious. “If you wanted to go shopping in Hamburg on Sunday, you needed the FFP2 mask. But just outside the city limits in Schleswig-Holstein or Lower Saxony, you can enter shops without any protection,” they say. However, experts note that the ability to maintain local restrictions is part of the new Coronavirus Protection Law. The bottom line is that if the parliament of some German state thinks that there is a critical situation – be it in an urban area, a state or the whole country – and votes for it, then tighter covid safety measures, such as masks, social distancing and vaccine passes may remain or be reintroduced. Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern took advantage of this.

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