American tourists explained whether it is safe to travel to Germany because of Ukraine: Biden was cited as an example

American tourists were told whether it is safe to travel to Germany because of Ukraine: Biden was cited as an example< /p>Europe and especially Germany and France are still waiting for American tourists, and in order to encourage those of them to get rid of the psychological fears of those who in 2008 feared a Russian attack on the state of Georgia (Georgia), and more recently objected to Russian control over the Rostov region, travel publication Travel Noire was forced to appeal to the authority of US President Biden. And also give an assessment of psychologists, reminding your stressful readers that “the distance between Miami and Houston is about the same as between Kiev and Berlin.”

Compassionate to its readers, who waited two years for a decline in coronavirus cases before daring to travel to Europe, the publication states that “it may not be necessary to rethink your plans to travel to Europe this year. “The European government currently has no restrictions on tourism,” it assures.

As an argument, experts literally stated that “after the recent announcement that Biden is going to Europe to negotiate with Ukraine travel there is safer than we can imagine.” “There is no indication that travel to Europe could be dangerous at this time. The usual travel destinations in Europe, which are France, Germany and the UK, are currently not in danger, ”they console American tourists.

And those for whom this does not work are professionally understood by psychologists. “Although these countries are quite far from the conflict zone, a psychological impact cannot be ruled out,” expert John Ferrara told Forbes. He added that most of the problems are in the minds of tourists, and “geopolitical tensions” destabilize all trips.

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