Americans unexpectedly allowed to travel to Europe: list of countries

Americans unexpectedly allowed to travel to Europe: list of countries

Covid “non-recommendations” for European countries were unexpectedly removed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are talking about the recommendation for American tourists to “do not travel” to some EU countries, which have now been effectively canceled.

“Fourth level: do not travel” The US kept the EU for more than a year. However, covid is off the agenda and apparently the fourth level will never be involved again. So Americans were allowed to travel with caution to the following countries:

  • France,
  • Greece,
  • Spain,
  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • Portugal,
  • Italy,
  • Switzerland.

However, the authorities advised all U.S. citizens follow vaccination recommendations when entering another country to avoid additional restrictions. They were also told that EU countries that have not yet lifted entry restrictions still require travelers to present a valid vaccination certificate. Moreover, a vaccination certificate is considered valid in the EU only if the document proves that its owner has undergone primary vaccination in the last nine months or received an additional dose of the vaccine.

In addition to excluding EU countries from the fourth level, Americans were allowed travel to countries such as the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea and Turkey. They are also included in the third level list.

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