An act of vandalism was committed over Russian nesting dolls at the most popular foreign resort among Russians

An act of vandalism was committed over Russian nesting dolls in the most popular foreign resort among Russians

In the Antalya park, which was opened eight years ago as a sign of Russian-Turkish friendship, vandals spoiled a composition of eight original nesting dolls. The violators who smeared traditional Russian dolls in red, although in the light of recent events they could have been in blue and yellow, were not caught.

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We are talking about a park located in the Konyaalti district, in the Liman microdistrict, which was chosen by Russian tourists. It was there that the hooligans “attacked” nesting dolls located near the fountain. They smeared the ornament of the dolls with red paint and “walked” over the faces.

A Russian tourist drew attention to the damaged figures, who took a photo of the act of vandalism and shared them on social networks with the caption: “This is an indicator of culture. Instead of vandalism, pray for your people.” Employees of the municipality of the resort area on the same day responded to the post of the Russian and cleaned the paint. The culprits were never found.

“After the notice was announced that the front parts of nesting dolls were painted in Friendship Park, located in the port area, our teams cleaned the dolls in a short time. “Matryoshka dolls that have returned to their former state continue to decorate Friendship Park,” the statement said.

Help: The Big Friendship Park, otherwise Russian Park or Matryoshka Park in the port area, where Russians and Ukrainians live, as well as citizens of other CIS countries, was opened in 2014, now it is visited by numerous tourists from Russia. Earlier, the authorities of the resort town could not help but pay attention to the large number of Russian tourists in Antalya, and decided to create a recreation area in symbolic white-blue-red colors and with elements of Russian culture. There is an original fountain decorated with a clock, and benches are placed around under the trees.

Ornaments made right on the ground from white and dark pebbles also attract the attention of tourists. The special pride of the park is a composition of eight matryoshka dolls framing the fountain, as well as Easter eggs and a cup into which coffee is poured from the Turk.

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