An alarm sounded for tourism: there will be enough spare parts for aircraft of Russian airlines for three months

An alarm sounded for tourism: there will be enough spare parts for aircraft of Russian airlines for three months

In three months, up to half of the Russian fleet of foreign aircraft will be dismantled for spare parts. At the same time, the idea of ​​restoring our own production is hardly feasible. This news, “launched” by Bloomberg, was announced by the Russian media, in particular – RBC.

The American agency assured that, according to the IBA, Russian airlines will have enough spare parts for three months. After that, “Russian airlines can begin to dismantle some of the foreign aircraft for spare parts.”

Kommersant turned out to be the source of the statement about the “half of the fleet”, which is threatened by disassembly for spare parts. In April, the publication, citing sources in the Ministry of Transport, AEVT and two airlines, stated that according to the “negative scenario of the program for the development of the Russian air transport industry until 2030“, from the second half of 2022, the fleet of foreign aircraft in the country will spare parts will ensure the airworthiness of the fleet remaining in operation. According to Kommersant's sources, from half to two thirds of the foreign aircraft fleet may fall under disassembly.

In turn, Bloomberg assures that hopes to replace Airbus and Boeing with Russian-made aircraft are also groundless. The head of the global consulting company Cirium, Rob Morris, assured that the production of Russian engines for the Superjet is “still far away”, but for now, the airliners use an engine manufactured in partnership with the French Safran SA. The foreign expert also called the plans to increase the production of the Tu-214 “problematic” – he assured that “it is an uncompetitive aircraft both in terms of performance and efficiency.” Mr. Morris also cited a statement by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, who back in March announced that the mass production of the MS-21 aircraft had been pushed back by two years, “because the company seeks to purchase spare parts domestically.”

Recall that the “air sanctions” that the UK, the US, the EU and other countries imposed against us at the end of February imply a ban on the export to Russia of goods and technologies used in the aviation and space sectors, as well as a ban on insurance and maintenance of goods, associated with these industries. At the same time, RBC recalls that ten of the top 20 Russian airlines use Airbus aircraft. Aeroflot's fleet has 117 Airbus aircraft, S7 – 66. These companies also carry out transportation on Boeing aircraft. All these aircraft were thus left without parts and service.

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