An alarm sounded for tourism: Turkey did not give guarantees not to arrest Russian planes

An alarm sounded for tourism: Turkey did not give guarantees not to arrest Russian planes

Russia is waiting for the supply of its tourists in droves from Turkey guarantees that the planes of Russian carriers, both state and private airlines, were not arrested. However, Turkey cannot give such guarantees. This information was provided by the Turkish media.

They recalled that it is expected that this year 2.5 to 3.5 million Russian tourists will have a rest in Turkey. In particular, Russian airlines are planning to transport them. However, Russia, in connection with air sanctions and arrests of liners in early March, requires guarantees that the planes that will carry tourists will not be detained in Turkey. In Russia, they fear that Russian planes in the country will be arrested.

At the same time, it is noted that 400-500 thousand tourists should arrive on Russian planes. Turkish experts also remind that of the 781 aircraft that Russian airlines have in general, the vast majority – 571 aircraft – are leased abroad. Accordingly, all of them are at risk of confiscation if the owners so request.

“Therefore, Russia wants a guarantee from Turkey that the planes will not be confiscated. In this regard, negotiations are underway with the Ministry of Transport. However, Russian legal circles note that Turkey cannot give such a guarantee alone,” the Turkish media say.

Recall that tour operators of Turkish origin have already found a way out. Under a Turkish license, specially simplified for this reason, it is planned to create not one, but three airlines from Turkish tour operators, specifically for the transport of Russian tourists. The creation of the first Pegasus has already been announced – read the details at the link. True, in Turkey they are wondering how Russia will react to such a “turkization of tourist transportation.”

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