An alarming silence has been noted: the main international tourism exhibition in Russia has opened

Anxious silence has been noted: the main international tourism exhibition in Russia has opened

Unusual and disturbing silence, as well as half-empty stands of the foreign exhibition “block” greets visitors, which opened on Wednesday, 16 March, travel exhibition MITT at the Moscow Crocus Expo. The global event has been decreasing in size year after year, but at the moment the “devastating” is obvious – the Western sanctions have done their job.

It is logical that about half of the fairgrounds are empty – the “closure” of Europe due to sanctions inevitably led to the absence of European representatives at the exhibition. But even such a “crowded” section of the exhibition as Turkey at all times retains the general trend – “disturbing silence”.

As experts explain, it was not easy to get to the exhibition even for representatives of Turkish hotels. The problem that left them in the country was “inadequate ticket prices” due to a sharp reduction in transportation to Russia. In general, the range of “foreigners” at the exhibition is small – Turkey, Egypt and Algeria have the largest stands; Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia are also represented – but almost “individually”.

Some revival is observed only in the hall of domestic tourism. It is no coincidence that the main topics of MITT discussed by experts were “forced” import substitution and similar trends.

“The tour operators of inbound and outbound tourism received the first blow. One solution for them is to refocus on the domestic market, but this cannot be achieved overnight. The hotel sector, which is focused on inbound tourism and business activity, has suffered,” Christopher Konstantinidi, chairman of the expert council under the Russian State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development, said at the exhibition. He called for the joint work of business and the state so that companies can withstand the sanctions blow with the help of coordinated decisions.

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