An unexpected “window” to Turkey and Egypt opens for residents of the Urals and Siberia

For tourists of the Ural and Siberian regions, from Friday, April 1, a new “window” will be available to popular destinations – Turkey and Egypt. This will become possible due to the removal of restrictions on the entry of citizens of Kazakhstan into the Russian Federation and on the exit of Russian citizens to Kazakhstan through the land section of the Russian-Kazakh border on March 30. Similar restrictions are being lifted for Russians crossing the land section of the Russian-Mongolian border. Previously, only air communication between the Russian Federation and these countries was opened.

As the author of the Yandex.Zen travel channel noted, the opening of Kazakhstan for our compatriots means access to an alternative route to Turkey, Egypt and other resort countries.


“Residents of Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk and other regions neighboring Kazakhstan will be able to go on holiday from Kazakhstan to visa-free destinations from the airports of Nur-Sultan, Aktobe, Kostanay, Ust-Kamenogorsk,” he said.

For example, from the capital of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan – flights are already being operated to the main resort province of Turkey – Antalya, and from June 1, the flight program will be supplemented by another popular destination among Russians – the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. It will also be possible to fly from Kostanay to Antalya, and from Aktobe to Antalya and Sharm el-Sheikh.

According to the source, the Geography network of travel agencies announced the sale of tours by tour operators registered there to tourists from Russia, offering car/bus transfers from Russian cities to Kazakhstan, in order to go to interesting destinations from there. However, tourists need to be prepared for long journeys. So, a transfer from the Ural city of Chelyabinsk to Kostanay will take about 7 hours, and from Orenburg to Aktobe – about 6 hours.

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