Anex announced the transfer of tours to Turkey

Anex announced the transfer of tours to Turkey

Exchange purchased tours for Turkey in countries where Russian tourists cannot go because of sanctions, the tour operator “Anex Tour” suggested. The condition is the purchase of tours for flights of airlines for which Anex has blocks for transportation. This news was presented by the Turkish newspaper Turizmajansi.

“Anex Tour offered tourists the transfer of reservations to Turkey from 9 countries where Russians cannot travel due to sanctions,” the publication states. The countries are as follows:

  1. Cuba,
  2. Dominican Republic,
  3. Mexico,
  4. UAE,
  5. Vietnam,
  6. Maldives,
  7. Cyprus,
  8. Tunisia,
  9. Egypt.

Tours in all these areas can be transferred to Turkey. The main condition for this is the purchase of tours only for flights of airlines where Anex has blocks. First of all, these are Turkish Airlines flights from Moscow and a number of other cities of the Russian Federation.

Anex Tour offers routes to the following Turkish resorts:

  • Antalya,
  • Bodrum,
  • Dalaman,
  • Izmir.

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