Anex launches operations with Turkey from 4 Russian cities: important statement published

Another major tour operator with “Turkish roots” announced the resumption of “work in the direction of Turkey”. The tour operator ANEX Tour announced the future start of the Turkish program from April 29 on the basis of guaranteed blocks of seats on the flights of the Turkish carrier Turkish Airlines.

“The flights are scheduled to depart from 4 cities – Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, St. popular destinations – Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman. The company plans to expand the regional network of flights. The start of the flight program from Moscow is 04/29/2022,” Anex reports.

By the way, according to information from the Turkish side, a third will join the two tour operators of Turkish origin. According to local media, three “Turkish” tour operators operating in Russia have already agreed with Turkish Airlines (THY) on 1.5 million block passes.

Recall that earlier the tour operator “Pegas Touristik” announced the “renovation” of its programs to Turkey. The range of its programs also includes flights on the wings of Turkish Airlines – this is a flight program from Vnukovo, which starts from 04/15/2022 on B737-800. Tourists are also promised programs on Turkish Airlines and other resorts, in particular, to Bodrum and Dalaman. Read more about the Pegasus programs in the TURPROM article at the link.

As for the announced Turkish Airlines program, according to Turkish media, it starts on April 29 with 208 flights a week. Later their number will be increased to 300 and more. And while we are talking only about flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the future, it is expected to cover other Russian cities.

The third tour operator that also plans to use these blocks of places is Coral. On the Turkish side, they say that these tour operators will “divide the blocks of places equally”.

Recall that Biblio-Globus is also resuming the flight program to Turkey. But this tour operator did without Turkish wings. Read the details in the material “Biblio-Globus announced the start of flights to Antalya: prices announced.”

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