Anex officially notified tourists about canceled tours

Anex officially notified tourists about canceled tours

The official “notification of the provision of an equivalent tourist product” was published for tourists and travel agents by the tour operator Anex Tour. The document presented on the company's website states the following: “Anex Tourism” (legal entity “Anex Tura”) provides tourists with a tourist product provided for by the contract, or an equivalent tourist product, under contracts concluded on March 31, 2020 inclusive, obligations under which were not executed due to restrictions imposed by state authorities of foreign states, after the termination of circumstances indicating a restriction on the possibility of tourists entering the country (place) of temporary residence (termination (restriction) of air traffic or a decision by a foreign state to restrict the entry of tourists into the country ( place) of temporary residence). That is, we are talking only about “covid” tours so far.

According to the statement of Anex, a notification of the possibility of providing a tourist product in connection with the termination of these circumstances will be sent to tourists within 10 working days “from the date of placement of such information on the website of the Federal Agency for Tourism on the official website.

Further, “Anex” reports the following: “An equivalent tourist product, the consumer properties of which (stay program, route and conditions of travel, living conditions (location of the accommodation facility, hotel category) and food, services for transporting tourists at the place of temporary stay, as well as additional services) correspond to the tourist product provided for by the contract, is provided by Anex Tourism LLC no later than 12/31/2022 within the timeframe additionally determined by agreement of the parties to the contract. The funds paid to the Tour Operator will be credited by Anex Tourism LLC as payment for an equivalent tourist product. In case of refusal, as Anex further adds, the customer, i.e. the tourist “has the right to demand the termination of the contract and the return of funds transferred to the tour operator. True, “due to the peculiarities of the execution and termination of contracts for the sale of a tourist product concluded on March 31, 2020, established by the Decree, the refund will be made by the Tour Operator no later than December 31, 2022.”

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