Angry Egyptians pounced on the Russian woman, demanding to remove the pictures from the smartphone

Angry Egyptians attacked a Russian woman, demanding to remove pictures from her smartphone

“How I want to fall in love with Egypt, but yesterday again I regretted that I live here!” – began her story about the incident on a walk, a Russian tourist, stuck in Egypt. After filming a residential building in Cairo, she was surrounded by a crowd of angry Egyptians demanding that the pictures be deleted from her phone. She told the details on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the girl, she was just walking in the park and at some point decided to turn into the yards and take a series of pictures for memories. “I heard that the locals do not like to be photographed, so I try to take pictures either discreetly or when no one is around. But this time I screwed up for sure, pointed the camera at a residential building, as at the same moment a guy ran up to me with a collision, ”she told the details of the situation.

“Divides, divides!” – Which in translation into Russian means “remove, remove!” – these words were shouted to her by an emotional Egyptian.

However, the girl tried to defend her right to freedom of action and tried to retreat. However, she did not succeed. Then she thought that she was dealing with a “nervous man who imagined himself to be the owner.” After some time, “the same savages” “pulled themselves up” to the cry and surrounded the girl in a circle.

. As if turned on, they demanded to remove the photo right in front of them, ”she complained.

She tried to explain to them that she takes pictures for herself and just walks. “Insha'Allah”, which means “Allah is with you, and everything is his will.” After these words, they stopped humming, folded their hands and wished all the best. Then they shouted something back to me for a long time, but I didn’t turn around anymore, ”the Russian woman noted.

“Oh, how I was enraged by this situation, and now the surrounding Egyptians cause me even more danger. I realized long ago that I don’t feel safe in Egypt, although I tried very hard to see something spiritual and pleasant in this eastern country. But alas, I didn’t succeed,” the Russian woman finished her story, waiting for help or deportation…

Help: As a rule, unprepared tourists do not take into account the peculiarities of certain places and regions. They do not understand that it is not ethical everywhere and not everything can be photographed. Travelers in Egypt need to know that photographing passers-by and their way of life is not accepted there and you can “run into” serious trouble.

In an Arab country, one must understand that it is not customary to photograph women if she has not previously given her consent to this. Also, you can not take pictures of children, especially small ones, because, according to local residents, this carries the “evil eye”. It is likely that a local resident could have got into the frame of a traveler from Russia, whose permission to shoot she did not ask. Travelers should keep in mind that although the Arabs are not aggressive, their emotionality and irascibility can pretty scare an amateur tourist.

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