Animal carcasses dumped in the sea near Sharm el-Sheikh: everyone is waiting for sharks and the start of mass attacks on tourists

Animal carcasses dumped in the sea near Sharm el-Sheikh: all they are waiting for sharks and the start of mass attacks on tourists

In Sharm el-Sheikh, the popular Ras Mohamed marine reserve was closed, now tourists are not allowed there either for snorkeling or diving. Also in Sharm el-Sheikh, pleasure yachts were banned from entering the open sea. The reason is an emergency due to negligence, which a Russian travel agent told about in her Yandex.Zen channel.

“The popular Egyptian nature reserve Ras Mohamed was closed from the sea. What happened? Dead animals found in the sea. There are people who have dollars instead of a brain and feelings. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain the fact that dead cattle were again thrown into the water from a ship in Sharm el-Sheikh,” the travel agent writes.

The main danger is that the carcasses of dead animals in the sea attract sharks, the travel agent writes. And the latter “do not really understand – a dead sheep is swimming or a living tourist,” she adds.

As the expert recalls, one of the versions of the cause of the well-known state of emergency in 2010 with massive shark attacks on tourists on the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh, when Egypt was almost closed to Russian tourists, is the same situation: it was suggested that one of the refrigerated ships after its defrosting was thrown into the sea tons of animal meat, after which the invasion of sharks began on the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Recall that it was then that the most high-profile incidents between tourists and sharks were recorded. Rospotrebnadzor even planned to ban the sale of tours there, and the correspondent of the TURPROM infogroup personally witnessed another attack by a marine predator on tourists.

Here is what he then said: “I flew to Sharm El Sheikh early Sunday morning. By this time, the ban on swimming in the sea was lifted by the authorities – many people swam in the morning, many even swam behind the buoys. I, like the rest of the tourists, managed to swim a little, but got out of the water as soon as I saw a whole flock of sharks not far from me. And at that moment, at about 12:30, panic and wild screams began on the beach of the nearby Hyatt Regency hotel. On the beach, he found a terrible picture: right at the pier, about 20 meters from the shore, a woman was floundering covered in blood, hysterically screaming for help. However, no one could help her. Only after some time, the hotel staff were able to lift what was left of her to the pier – the body of the tourist was all bitten by a shark, she did not have one arm and one leg. “The corpse was covered with beach towels right on the pier – it was a middle-aged German tourist. Obviously, the tourist died from blood loss – all the water at the pier was red with blood – just like in the movie “Jaws”. The hotel began to panic. All swimmers, and especially children, were urgently evacuated to the shore on motor boats from the sea. Then the police came and cordoned off the entire beach. They also brought divers with harpoons, apparently specially trained, who began to search the coastal waters in the hope of finding a killer shark, ”the TURPROM correspondent said (other details are at .

So then the travel agent comments emotionally. “And, in this case, on: – oh, I didn’t know what I was doing! – do not sleep. Exactly the same incident was recorded in Sharm in 2010. Fortunately, the Egyptian authorities reacted fairly quickly. They closed the marine reserve, banned trips on yachts on the high seas, ”the blogger writes.

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