Announced prices for holidays in Egypt for the May holidays

Prices for holidays in Egypt for the May holidays announced

Demand for Egypt for the May holidays due to “air sanctions” and cancellations of transportation expectedly sank, but fans of the direction have the opportunity to get to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh appeared. Tour operators offer both direct flights on their own programs, and routes with connections through Istanbul and Cairo. At the same time, the prices are not exorbitant – therefore, as market experts note, those who wish are advised to book tours in the near future, good prices and hotels will most likely be quickly “sorted out”.

According to tour operators, in the last couple of weeks in the Egyptian direction there has been a “significant revival in sales.” The reason, in the first place, is the emergence of new flight options. So, EgyptAir restarted flights from Moscow to Cairo on April 15, Turkish Pegasus Airlines resumed flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg (with a connection in Cairo), in addition, their own tour operator programs fly to the resorts of Egypt, for example, Biblio Globus on Red Wings.

As experts noted in the comments of ATOR, the return of Egypt Air flights to Cairo ensured, among other things, the return of combined tours, both Cairo + resorts of Hurghada/Sharm el-Sheikh, and Cairo plus holidays on the Mediterranean Sea – according to experts, getting there about twice as fast. But, of course, tours to the usual “Red Sea” resorts are still in high demand. Two direct programs were delivered there – Biblio Globus flies from Moscow and St. Petersburg on Red Wings for almost the entire April, and FUN&SUN (former TUI Russia) also launched charter flights from Moscow in cooperation with Egypt Air. The most popular options for connecting flights to the Red Sea are via Istanbul with Pegasus Airlines or Turkish Airlines, but ticket prices remain high. Therefore, our tourists do not save on hotels, preferring 5 * hotels for “all inclusive”. At the same time, tourists tend to pay as much as possible in Russia and in rubles – this is the new “sanctions” trend and they prefer tours and hotels with the maximum set of services included, including the advance purchase of excursions. Tourist market experts also noted that there is no shortage of places yet, but there is an increase in demand, and in popular hotels such as Albatros, Sunrise or Rixos, it is better to book places in advance.

Now about prices. Tour packages with a direct flight from Biblio-Globus to May from May 1 will cost 177 thousand rubles per week for two in Sharm el-Sheikh, all inclusive in 4 *; in Hurghada for the same price, the tour will cost 171 thousand rubles. FUN&SUN offers package tours with direct flights on EgyptAir flights from Moscow to a 4 * hotel for 159 thousand rubles. for two, in a 5 * hotel – from 166 thousand rubles. for two.

Other tour operators offer accommodation from 58-67 thousand rubles. depending on the company and the star rating of the hotel. However, they add that regular flights with connecting flights are paid extra.

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