Another capitulation: closed country opens borders for Russian and European tourists

Another capitulation: a closed country opens borders for Russian and European tourists

The number of countries lifting travel bans for all tourists will be replenished with New Zealand, exotic for Russian tourists – The country plans to open its borders from the end of July, lifting the severe entry restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the country is considering the abolition of the vaccine qualification and pre-entry tests, which gives Russian tourists at least a theoretical opportunity to visit the country.

This was stated by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at an online conference, adding that the resumption of tourism will begin two months ahead of schedule. She also noted that New Zealand will accept cruise liners – which, however, a Russian tourist is not sure that he will be able to get on. “The earlier opening is aimed at speeding up the economic recovery. This will help solve the problem of shortage of workers and put the country's immigration system in a safer position,” the authorities also say.

Recall that the massive opening of countries and the disappearance of covid restrictions has become a trend for tourism in general. Details on Europe can be found in the material “Europe and the new rules for entering each of the EU countries: details published.” Israel also plans to lift covid restrictions at the end of May. Read the details at the link.

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