Another popular country launches daily flights to Russia: a new connecting route appears around the world

Another popular country launches daily flights to Russia: a new interchange route appears around the world< /p> Another country open to Russian tourists – in demand both as a beach destination and as a transfer hub – is ready to increase its air capacity for Russian tourists. We are talking about India: the country's national carrier, Air India, has declared its readiness to triple the number of flights to Russia. At the same time, in India itself, most of the covid restrictions have been lifted.

“India has removed all restrictions on international air traffic since March 27, in connection with which the system of“ air bubbles ”, which was, among other things, with Russia, ceases to operate. As part of the “air bubble”, two flights a week on the Moscow-Delhi-Moscow route were operated by Aeroflot, and the Indian carrier Air India flew from Delhi to Moscow and back with the same frequency,” said Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov. He stressed that the flight occupancy rate was also high and added that the Indian authorities were interested in increasing the Russian tourist flow.

At the moment, Aeroflot, like other Russian carriers, has canceled foreign flights. As a result, Air India, according to the ambassador, is ready to take over the delivery and fly to Moscow daily, as it was before March 2020. The carrier is also considering launching flights from Mumbai to Moscow.

Note that “covid” restrictions – at least most of them – India has canceled since February. All tourists have received the right to enter without quarantine, regardless of vaccination status, only a negative result of a PCR test done at least 72 hours in advance is required. prior to departure and check-in on the Air Suvidha app. Moreover, the tourist needs a printed paper formula of this proposal with him.

Tourist market experts in a conversation with ATOR found India's expansion prospects “promising”. Firstly, this is the beach state of Goa, where you can still get with transfers for wild money – almost 3 thousand dollars. There is also an audience for sightseeing, medical, yoga tours.

Secondly, tourists will have ample opportunities for connecting flights on Air India flights, including travel to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, and a number of other countries in Southeast Asia. Thanks to this, they say in tour operators, one should expect a large demand for the flights of the Indian national air carrier. However, the problem so far is that due to the blocking of Russian bank cards of the Visa and Mastercard systems abroad, it is now impossible to purchase tickets on the websites of most foreign carriers.

Tourists are also warned that in the context of the ban on the purchase of cash dollars and euro advise Russians when traveling to India to take with them either cash Chinese yuan (in India they can be exchanged for rupees or dollars) or bank cards of the Union Pay system, which works in India.

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