Another window for traveling abroad has been closed for Russians

Another window for traveling abroad has been closed for Russians

Vietnam Airlines announced the closure of flights between Hanoi and Moscow from March 25 until further notice. Judging by the official information of this carrier, insurance companies are also trying to put him in jail – and the carriers are looking for a way out.

“The suspension of flights is due to the fact that the airline needs to review and clarify the procedures, requirements and rules regarding vehicle insurance and flights to Russia. The airline is also working with the relevant authorities to restore the operation of Russian routes as soon as possible,” Vnexpress reports, citing the carrier’s statement.

The national carrier of Vietnam also assured that all passengers affected by the flight cancellation will be supported in refunding or exchanging tickets for other flights after the route is restored. At the same time, Vietnam Airlines is currently the only airline in the country that operates flights to Russia.

Recall that this is not the only air carrier flying to Russia who managed to “land”. Earlier, this list included Moroccan Royal Maroc and Turkish Pegasus.

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